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Saint Cecilia EP

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Seemingly out of nowhere, Foo Fighters released "Saint Cecilia" EP last year that was originally intended as a gift to the band's fans as a free download, but, in the end, was dedicated to the victims of the Paris terror attacks. Recorded in the beginning of October and released one month later, it certainly appears like Dave Grohl just came around the idea of writing five brand new tracks one day and executed it with reckless abandon, as his rock star persona is known for, both in terms of statements and Foo Fighters' overall creative flair for flashy stunts. You know, the Westboro Baptist Church episode, playing in someone's garage, etc.

Out of that process came "Saint Cecilia" EP, a record which bridges together the raw, anthemic power of 2011's "Wasting Light" and the late 90s style alternative rock tunes that we also heard featured on "Sonic Highways" last year. The title track, for instance, echoes "There Is Nothing Left To Lose"-era with its light guitar melodies and Grohl's melodic, radio-friendly croon. "Sean" follows suit, upping the tempo somewhat and adding punk undertones to the soundscape. I believe there's a little cowbell on the background as well for good measure. "Savior Breath", on the other hand, is as rock'n'roll as alternative rock gets. Rowdy riffs provide a groovy, classic rock-styled backing whilst Grohl's screaming takes us back to 1995's self-titled debut album. Think "This Is A Call" and you get the right idea.

From this, it appears that "Saint Cecilia" has been written with older Foo Fighters fans in mind. The raw production combined with infectious melodies and a high energy expression overall actually makes you question why these songs weren't on "Sonic Highways" instead. With a worry portion of the album classified as Foos on autopilot, there's no question these five tracks eclipse the material not just because they are catchier songs overall, but also because they appear more passionate in comparison. Either way, fans of the band should be very happy with the result, especially considering it was released as a free download.

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For the fans of: Them Crooked Vultures, Stone Temple Pilots, Queens Of The Stone Age, Incubus, Filter
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Release date 23.11.2015
RCA Records

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