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Golf Pop EP

Written by: TL on 12/01/2016 14:19:42

Buffalo's Super American is a recently formed quartet functioning as the new artistic vessel for some of the members of the defunct I Can See Mountains, who we posted a few reviews of in the past. Anyone familiar with ICSM will recognise a similar boyish vocal style on Super American's debut EP "Golf Pop", which otherwise has slowed the pace to a more rollicking medium pace, filled with bright, clean guitar melodies. There's a naive, carefree tone to it, reminiscent of bands like Driver Friendly, Transit or to an extent the lesser known Wild Pink.

The EP features five tracks, starting with "Push Ups", which delivers a nice and ear-popping chorus on top of broken up bass lines. "Love To Hate" follows, having perhaps the most deceptively infectious refrain floating atop tones that sound similar to the dreamy atmospheres Driver Friendly typically conjure up with aid from their horns. It's the kind of tune you can seek comfort in, a solace song if you will, also not unlike something you would expect from The Wonder Years or The Smith Street Band.

The most obviously catchy thing on the EP, however, is clearly "On Top Of The World", combining muted riffs and clicking drumsticks in the verse with an elated, careening guitar melody in the chorus, while prompting you to just switch off and sing the title; "I'm basically on top of the woOoOorld!" Next up is "Charles Cheatham", which attempts a more serious tone starting with lines about a guy abandoning his kids, but even with more of a solemn touch, it's like it doesn't really mesh with the mood of the music on the EP overall. Things are wrapped up with "Airway", the fastest song on the EP, which sadly isn't really all that memorable besides that fact.

Overall, it may feel weird, but especially if you listened to I Can See Mountains, you could very well have expected a bit more from Super American. "Golf Pop" is an enjoyable and charming EP alright, and a song like "On Top Of The World" could likely stick with you for some time, but there's not really anything you point to and say "this, this is a band that's super promising". ICSM's "Hey Man" from 2012 is a song that could stick with you to this day, and it's unlikely for anything from Golf Pop to stick quite as long, whether it be energy or depth or something else entirely that's missing. But here's to hoping that listeners will enjoy the record for what it's worth and Super American with be back stronger on a follow-up release.

Download: On Top Of The World, Love To Hate
For The Fans Of: Driver Friendly, Wild Pink, Transit, I Can See Mountains

Release date 25.12.2015

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