Saint Asonia

Saint Asonia

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The Canadian/American super group Saint Asonia formed in 2014 and released its self-titlet debut album last year. The group plays post-grunge/hard rock with a back-to-basics line-up consisting of a vocalist/rhythm guitarist, a lead guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. The band consists of very skilled and experienced musicians Adam Gontier formerly of Three Days Grace on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Mushok of Staind on lead guitar, Rich Beddoe on drums who is known for his long stint as a drummer for Finger Eleven and bassist Corey Lowery who has bands such as Stuck Mojo and Dark New Day on his resumé. This is an impressive and exciting line-up that already has all the tools to create incredible new rock music, which almost succeeds on this debut album.

“Saint Asonia” is a very good album that consists mostly of solid rock songs, with a few moments of true greatness in between. The album is not revolutionary by any means but generally keeps a consistent high level throughout. It is the kind of record that might not seem like much initially but then continues to grow with each listen. Mike Mushok’s straight forward and hard rocking riffs compliment Gontier’s gruff vocals well and there are several great melodies throughout. “Better Place” starts the album off right with kick-ass hard rock riffs and Gontier’s vocals soaring above with an amazing chorus. Much like the music, the message of moving forward and letting go of negative influences is basic and the song works perfectly as an album opener. Other highlights include the equally hard rocking and melodic “Let Me Live My Life”, the dark ballad “Even Though I Say” and the Breaking Benjamin-esque “Happy Tragedy”.

Mushok is an extremely underrated guitarist with the abilities to write just about any kind of rock/metal music and turn it into hits, which he proves again with “Saint Asonia”. With some of Staind’s biggest hits such as “It’s Been A While” and “Outside” written by frontman Aaron Lewis, sometimes it can be easy to overlook that most of the band’s songs were primarily written by the extremely prolific Mushok, who is known to be constantly playing and writing material. Staind are not done but they are on an official hiatus, with Lewis focusing on his solo material and Mushok having recently been a part of Jason Newsted’s band. Although definitely resembling his work with Staind more than Newsted, “Saint Asonia” is not a Staind record, nor is it a Three Days Grace record, although Adam Gontier’s hoarse voice and vocal style will be instantly recognisable for fans. The album combines elements from the members’ past bands into one effective mix that successfully shows off their talents. There are no bad songs on the album although some feel a little more bland than others such as the acoustic love song “Waste My Time”. But even in these instances the talents shine through and overall this is a very good debut album from the new super group.

Download: Better Place, Let Me Live My Life, Even Though I Say, Happy Tragedy, No Tomorrow
For the fans of: Three Days Grace, Staind, Art Of Dying, Alter Bridge, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Theory Of A Dead Man
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Release date 31.07.2015

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