Serpent Saints: The Ten Amendments

Written by: PP on 03/10/2007 03:44:46

My only real experience with the Swedish death and roll heavyweights Entombed prior to listening to "Serpent Saints: The Ten Amendments" was witnessing them play live at the Malmö Festival, where their set bored the hell out of me and was just something I wanted to get out of the way as I was waiting for Beecher and Darkest Hour to perform later that evening. However, I actually stated in the live review that their brand of death metal is difficult to get into when first listened live, and that because they are as big as they are, there must be some potential in them. Now, a good couple of spins later, I've noticed that I was more right than I realized at the time.

So lets get onto the review. Stylistically, Entombed are pure rock n roll fitted into a death metal mold. The groovy riffs are reminiscent of both the good old 80s rock 'n roll as well as groove metal which has raised its eyebrows as of late. Vocalist Petrov's snarled vocals would feel home both in death metal as well as in something as seemingly far-fetched as hardcore punk. He rarely variates from the growl/snarl theme, but this is only good because his unproduced raw voice gives the songs character. My personal favorite "Masters Of Death" especially showcases his importance, as big parts of the song emit a definite Motörhead vibe in attitude, and this is purely due Petrov's rowdy vocal work. The groovy riffs help too, of course. A bit of thrash metal is thrown into the mix as well on the unruly "When In Sodom".

"In The Blood" and "Amok" are both much slower tracks. The 'Roll elements have been eliminated in favour of a sludgier black/death metal approach, and these two tracks don't leave a distinct impression on the listener. They also lack the tongue-in-cheek element that many of the other songs have. You see, most death metal bands tend to be freaking serious about what they do, but listening to the hilariously titled "The Dead, The Dying, And The Dying To Be Dead" it sounds like Entombed aren't taking themselves very seriously - this is a band that wants to have fun while playing. But I guess that was obvious from the whole wrecking hotel rooms Motörhead vibe anyway.

All in all "Serpent Saints: The Ten Amendments" is a pretty fun album to listen to. There aren't too many bands who are able to combine the seriousness of death metal and the mayhem of rock and roll successfully, and Entombed is one of the few who are able to do that. That being said, the album has its flaws, but aside from those occasions it works.


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Release date 25.06.2007
Candlelight Records
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