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Written by: BV on 07/12/2015 21:47:04

In December 2014 I encountered The Love Coffin for the first time. It was the 19th to be exact, as I remember reviewing their performance as they supported The Wands. What I remember from the night was a band doused in reverb, utilizing manic screams and shrill moans to convey a rather tortured vibe – one that I found to be kind of hit and miss with some songs sounding amazing and others sounding plain at best. Now the time has seemingly come for me to review them once more as their debut EP, “Veranda”, popped into my mailbox a while ago – being the busy and ever-late reviewer that I unfortunately am, sometimes at least, it has taken me little over a month to get to this point.

However, as “#” rings through my speakers in haunting dissonance, it seems just right to be doing this. As “Sheets of Ice” takes over from the gloomy intro, all of the listeners’ senses are bombarded with shrill guitars, manic vocals and a general vibe of unease coupled with sporadically goosebumps-evoking hooks. To be entirely honest I don’t usually care for this musical approach as it nearly always sounds a bit forced or contrived to me, but it does seem to work rather well for The Love Coffin. “Never Mine” starts off in a more subtle and melancholic manner, which simply works wonders for musical buildup leading to an inevitable musical peak. – A peak which isn’t reached before long after the track has descended into the utter cacophony on which The Love Coffin seem to thrive.

“These Fields” is the longest track of the EP as it clocks in at just over 8 minutes. The lengthy track boasts soundscapes shifting from the ethereal to the ghastly, asserting that sometimes beauty can also be found in the obscene – the track in itself, however, is still a bit too long for its own good in spite of the nice development and the varying elements of the track. Even though The Love Coffin have debuted with a solid EP here, I still think I’m personally a bit hesitant and, maybe, slightly out of my comfort zone when comparing the massive praise the band has gotten from other magazines and newspapers. I personally don’t think they’ve peaked yet, nor do I think they’re one of the best new Danish bands out there. But I certainly won’t rule out the possibility of those statements to be true, either.


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For the fans of: Shiny Darkly, The Road to Suicide, Spökraket
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Release date 26.10.2015
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