Yesterday's Breed

Yesterday's Breed

Written by: BV on 07/11/2015 14:23:44

Yesterday’s Breed is a strange entity – and one that most people will probably never be acquainted with. It is a niche project of sorts, attempting to carry on the legacy of mid-sixties garage acts in the most authentic manner, albeit with a uniquely crisp soundscape. The project’s members are Claus Rosenblad and Sigurd Djurhuus, both of whom have appeared on various musical endeavors throughout the last century or two, most notably on projects like Tidsgæst, Aron, Ghost Rocket and Dirty Grass.

True to the tradition of the roots of garage rock, Yesterday’s Breed seemingly like to keep things short and concise – as evident on album opener “Clouds of No Time” which clocks in at approximately two and half minutes. It’s a strange thing to hear in many ways, as the sound is beyond authentic. They’ve seemingly gone all out on re-producing a musical style they both obviously adore and, for that, they have my utmost respect. From the shimmering organ and the playful guitars to the simplistic drum and bass patterns meant only to underline the main drive of the track everything seems well-planned and performed. The vocals have their moments too, although I struggle a bit with those. It should be noted that I also struggle with the vocals of many of the old 60’s garage singles currently in my possession – but the way they’re performed is a signature trait of the genre, so it’s a take it or leave it kind of situation.

“Shades of Night” is probably my favorite track on the album. I imagine this is what it would sound like if The Golden Dawn fused with the The Seeds whilst playing upbeat covers of obscure bands like The United Travel Service. In essence, it is a prime example of how honoring the past and bringing it into the new millennium should sound. There are, however, also examples of tracks that I am not entirely fond of. Take for instance “I Found Out” which actually sounds quite pristine – I just don’t think there’s all that much going on to keep me interested, in spite of the rather short track length.

At its core, I’d say “Yesterday’s Breed” is one of those albums created for lovers and aficionados of a very specific genre-niche – and where said people will enjoy it and probably spend hours on end listening to it, I think others might feel a tad excluded by the concept and maybe only indulge themselves a few times. The musicianship is strong and so is the musicians’ love for the genre, but I doubt that they will be able to sway listeners who do not feel particularly acquainted with this specific niche.

Download: Watch out Tomorrow, The Morning After, Shades of Night
For the fans of: The Golden Dawn, The Sonics, Dirty Grass, Ghost Rocket

Release date 16.10.2015
Afd. O Records

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