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Bitter Moments

Written by: MAK on 26/10/2015 23:18:29

Melodic hardcore seems to be used as a catalyst to unleash the more emotive side to aggressive music and Seconds Alive set their emotions free in sublime fashion on their latest EP “Bitter Moments”. The EP drags the listener through the emotions alongside vocalist Robbie Doran, and with each song you feel as if Doran is having a bit of a mental breakdown. You almost want to join him as the vibe overpowers the majority of the EP more than the music itself.

The production on “Bitter Moment” fits perfectly to the sound that the quartet creates. Raw, angst-ridden and rather unclean. The quartet delivers a nice mixture of melodic hardcore mixed with metalcore. Guitarist James Hosgood’s Riffs vary from something that is quite heavy and dirty, to the ground shaking breakdowns which are a pure invitation to nod your head. Then on the flipside Hosgood creates something a lot more atmospheric and thought-provoking to just lose yourself into. All of this is topped with some technical and fiddly finger work in the melodies, which is possibly the most captivating element in the instrumental side to the band. The vocals are varied from the cleans in the chorus pieces and backing vocals, to the harsh screams and shouts that sound as if someone was in clear emotional pain.

The problem I find with “Bitter Moments” is that all the songs merge into one song almost too easily. None of the songs really make a huge individual impact on their own, there is nothing distinctive about the EP or Seconds Alive’s overall sound for that matter. After several repeats, I still cannot tell you if I have a favourite song. There are similarities to early While She Sleeps, and in fact “Bitter Moments” has a resemblance to “The North Stands For Nothing” with its raw sound. It is just far less technical and anthemic, though the gang vocals in “Upon Yourself” gives the indication that the song would sort of be an anthem when played live. It certainly is one of the most stand out moments on the release.

The EP grows on you over time, and there are clear signs of talent and potential. All of these songs I feel would be better when performed live, as most hardcore and metalcore is. The key feature for “Bitter Moments” is the atmosphere that you can feed off in the emotion, and I imagine that in a crowded room full of fans singing along, the atmosphere will be magical enough to make hairs stand on end. But on record the songs are not as fulfilling.


Download: Upon Yourself, Drawing The Line
For The Fans Of: While She Sleeps, Architects, Cancer Bats

Release date 30.10.2015
Self Released

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