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Of Glass And Paper

Written by: PP on 26/10/2015 19:22:57

Fans of gruff, shouty punk rock laced with anthemic melodies, meet Germany's equivalent to Red City Radio. Idle Class, who hail from Münster, namely present a similarly rough-around-the-edges type of gravelly punk rock with halfway screamed vocals meeting more polished cleans in a perfect dueling harmony, as Red City Radio did on their debut album. "Of Glass And Paper" is the sophomore album by the German quintet and provides a convincing argument for bookers for shows and festivals alike to consider the newcomers for next year's scheduling.

With rumbling bass lines meeting melodically ringing, treble-laden guitar riffs on the background and shouted out melodies leading the charge forward, their expression is both energetic and rewarding for the listener. Two different vocalist - one rougher, whose voice bears an uncanny resemblance to Red City Radio's Garrett Dale, and another whose style is emotionally charged in line with, say, Pentimento - allow for considerable variation from song to song. The roughened screams are what add the songs character, the cleaner ones bring the high-flying melodies together. Opener "The Drama Continues" and third track "A Puppeteers Party" are good examples. But the band can rely on more atmospheric material, too, if basement-styled Midwestern punk can ever be called that. "Outatime", for instance, is a calmer, almost balladic cut with slightly more expansive melodies, albeit this track also finishes in a shouted out explosion of emotionally-charged melodies.

The whole affair is characterized by a loose, unpolished, purposefully raw production that leaves charming glitches and imperfections in the sound, but that just adds to the charm because you can feel every throaty scream just that much better as a result. Subsequently, "Of Glass And Paper" is packed with anthemic sing-along melodies that should leave a mark on the punk rock landscape this year. Though the quality of song may be a notch lower than RCR's fantastic debut album, the fact that their soundscape is solid and lies somewhere right in between Red City Radio and Pentimento should bring some mouths rather watery if I know our readership correct.

Download: The Drama Continues, Bring In The Harvest, A Puppeteers Party, Worn Out Shoes
For the fans of: Red City Radio, Pentimento
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Release date 25.09.2015
Uncle M Records

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