The Same Condition EP

Written by: TL on 24/10/2015 16:13:16

The worst part about discovering the young Arizona group Sundressed right now is that it gives us another reason to regret that there will be no trip to FEST in Florida this year, where fans can otherwise get a chance to see them, and a host of other great punk-ish bands of course. Because Sundressed's new EP, "The Same Condition" is just damn good, although the band self-labelling as "emo punk" might not describe that accurately what it sounds like. The "emo" makes some sense, granted, due to the neurotic sense of anxiety that escapes from the seams of the band's hyperactive sound, but things hardly get depressed or dark at any point, as the band's approach absolutely justifies the SUN in Sundressed - hell, it would've justified if it had been FUN in Fundressed.

The four songs on offer are characterised by speedy tempos, bright pop-punk chords and a narrow vocal tone (mind you, tone, not range) reminiscent of Weatherbox; You, Me, And Everyone We Know, Motion City Soundtrack or perhaps The Front Bottoms. The whole band routinely joins in on the choruses, giving you a feeling of what it would be like to hear them live with a crowd singing along, and indeed, the songs seem to be built exactly with the purpose of getting crowds to move their feets and croon their lungs out. There's a measure of formulaicness present in the way things are put together, but it is easily overshadowed by the sense of contagious energy and the fast-paced, self-conscious lyricism. It's exuberant, as you can also hear in the sudden, exhilarated scream towards the end of "Good As You", as well as in the ear-piercing high note that's allowed to stand alone in a similar spot in "Beck And Call".

If you listen back to the band's former EP from earlier in the year, "Dig Up A Miracle", it feels clear that the group is rapidly honing their soundscape to have more power and personality, as is on display especially in the closing track "Every Part Is Moving". Here, the group sounds like they have the kind of potential bands like All Time Low or Motion City Soundtrack displayed several years ago when they were just starting out. And that's a good thing because there should be no onus on bands to recycle a rudimental sound and keep playing to the same basement audiences, rather they should be encouraged to elaborate their talents as long as they do so with some integrity and smartness. Which brings us to the only real caveat of "The Same Condition", which is that this sample size is too damn small. When you sound this ready for bigger leagues, it's time to ante up and wrestle with an album boys. And it's cool to explore a bigger rock sound, just hold onto the busy lyrics and things like those shouted backing vocals at the end of "Ordinary Day", and trust us, you'll be fine.


Download: Beck And Call, Every Part Is Moving, Good As Your
For The Fans Of: You, Me, And Everyone We Know; Sparks The Rescue, Motion City Soundtrack

Release date 23.10.2015
Take This To Heart Records

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