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Most people who feel like they can connect with the whole psych thing going on these days have probably heard about Goat. I’d wager a lot of people who can’t connect with the music have heard about Goat as well. However, their kindred musical spirits in Hills seem to be relatively overlooked in wider musical circles despite having released more than a few excellent tracks on albums like “Master Sleeps”. With their newest release, “Frid”, Hills return once more to deliver complex rhythms, ritualistic drones and fuzzed-out guitars to the initiated.

Opening with “Kollektiv”, Hills waste no time in launching a mind-melting jam dominated by a hypnotic interplay between the bass and the drums, whilst a nasty-sounding fuzz guitar cuts through the mix and into your mind – mildly blowing it along the way, before the track disintegrates into a sitar-driven drone, segueing into “National Drone” which continues the path laid out by “Kollektiv”, only to a far larger-sounding result with haunting, reverb-drenched and inexplicable vocals echoing through the now rather crowded, but nicely crafted soundscape with a persistent tanpura-drone creating a hefty musical backdrop.

With “Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd” Hills embark on the longest musical journey of ”Frid”. Fortunately it also appears to be the most rewarding one. The track evolves gradually from a casual, initial build-up with the steady drums, the playful wah-guitar and the insistent droning in the background, to a mildly vocal-driven musical excursion. However, once the vocals recede the echoes take over and the instruments come out to play. Around the 5:30 mark the track begins building up towards its inevitable musical peak with a somewhat jazzy melody, climaxing around the seventh minute of the track. It never quite explodes with energy, but the musical trip soars high above the ground for most of the nearly eleven minutes of unbridled psychedelia.

Ending with “Death Will Find a Way”, Hills shift gears and turn towards a mellower, albeit still quite danceable musical setting. Like a tribal ritual coming to an end, the proceedings have seemingly already peaked, whilst “Death Will Find a Way” is the musical bookend, leading us towards an inevitable but not unpleasant end. Like the shaman guiding the tribe through the ritual, Hills guide the listeners through this musical journey and by the end of it you might feel radically different. Or, more likely, you’ll just think; ”damn, that was pretty cool” and start listening to the album once more.


Download: Kollektiv, National Drone, Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd
For the fans of: Goat, Agusa, Spökraket
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Release date 28.08.2015
Rocket Recordings

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