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Forever In The FriendZone

Written by: PP on 27/09/2015 01:27:38

It's not that Suburban Legends have ever been a serious band. I mean, how could they be when they are playing such upbeat ska that's closely related to the cheerful style of Reel Big Fish. But for their seventh album "Forever In The FriendZone" we've reached a new level of silly that's honestly a little bit insulting to any mature fan listening to their music. Songs about missing high school, being in the friend zone, make out sessions and all that aren't just juvenile, they're too stupid to be taken seriously by anyone over the age of sixteen years old.

Sure, "SL High" may have you convinced otherwise with its frenetic ska beat and upbeat, fun party vibe overall. It's a super catchy ska punk track and goes back all the way down to "Cheer Up!" era Reel Big Fish sound wise. The title track, too, is fairly harmless fun due to its fast tempo and sparkling horn sections. But the second half of the album is flat and pointless. At fourteen tracks, the record starts to drag on and feel like it's never going to end, especially because the party atmosphere of the first half of the record is replaced by generic ska songs that further fuel the commonly heard argument "ska is dead". "Saturday Night", for instance, feels totally forced. "Everything's OK" is more annoying than it is uplifting. "Warrior" sounds like a Zebrahead song. "Money" is just plain ridiculous. "Love Song" sounds like an attempt at "Scotty doesn't know" type of a college track.

In short, Suburban Legends take us through a fourteen track course of how to not do ska punk very well. Their previous material has been cheerful, skank-friendly and just pure fun, but the lyrical content and the overall quality of song on "Forever In The FriendZone" is honestly lacking. Skip this one.


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Release date 02.06.2015

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