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Home To The Wind EP

Written by: PP on 27/09/2015 01:08:46

The previous EP by Copenhagen based 'dark folk' band Drowned Session was dragged down by an unnecessary focus on minimalism that frankly made the record a rather boring listen. "Home To The Wind" EP corrects on that front by creating a far more active soundscape that's best illustrated on opening track "The Death Of Jim Kerr". Here, the band opts for a louder approach after a quiet opening section where a surprisingly catchy baritone vocal-driven chorus already suggests the band's songwriting has taken a step or two forward. Sure, track two "Everything Gets Open" is super minimalist and acoustic once again - which simply isn't that interesting for anyone but the composer himself - but "Canto V" again relies on a richer soundscape keeping the listener's interest levels afloat.

The inspiration is still obvious: Tom Waits and Nick Cave projects are not-too-distant echoes in the back of your head as you go through the record. There's a folksy vibe to the record, but there's been a distinct move towards a more indie rock-oriented approach at the same time. This is good because it opens up their soundscape and, again, makes for a more interesting listen. The atmosphere is notably dark, and indeed much of the record is spent carefully constructing the elements that give the record it's bleak, but somber mood. It's like listening to September/October in Denmark on record, actually.

Banjo, mandolin, and piano are again used as mood-setting elements alongside the traditional guitars, bass and drums. Only this time around, they're less prominently visible in the mix making "Home To The Wind" sound a lot more like a rock album than their previous EP did. Only a bonus in my books, and it's clear that Drowned In Session have improved their songwriting on this EP. For the artsy and introverted types, this type of dark, delicate indie-folk should be right up their alley.

Download: The Death Of Jim Kerr, The Winter Way
For the fans of: The Twilight Singers, Tom Waits, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
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Release date 22.05.2015

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