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Although Spraynard have been on the lips of many a pop punk enthusiast over the last couple of years, I've never thought much of their output. Their new album "Mable" is an entirely different beast and effectively blows out of the water everything they've recorded prior to it, much in the same vein as "Brainless God" did for Direct Hit! a couple years back. Now, it's no coincidence I mention Direct Hit! in this review considering how closely Spraynard's approach to no-frills pop punk sound resonates with their sound on "Brainless God". We're dealing with shouty vocals, raw, unpolished guitars and a high-energy tempo that leaves behind an image of a passionate band tearing apart a sweaty basement venue in an intimate sing-along party with a few dozen equally passionate fans.

In other words, exactly how we like our pop punk these days outside of the emotional kind a la The Wonder Years. Here, the bass lines vibrate in a prominent presence almost as if it was a Banner Pilot record, and the vocals recall a similar passion through melodic screaming style as The Menzingers used on their early material. None of this is to suggest Spraynard don't have their own sound - because they clearly do - merely that their bright, upbeat interpretation of no-frills pop punk has a lot in common with each of the bands mentioned so far. They rely heavily on driving, dynamic melodies that almost always feature an infectious chorus to go along, but also do enough to vary the speed of their expression to keep their sound interesting throughout. That's why "Medicine" will get you bouncing off the walls with its energetic style, whereas the repeated lyrics of "Pond" at the end of each line are a slower, albeit still a fun sing-along session despite it not being suitable for circle pit action. Likewise, "Bench" is a more drawn out pop punk song, standing in direct contrast to the much brighter and hyperactive "Listen To Me" that's the quintessential pop punk anthem for every basement venue out there.

Whichever the style, Spraynard effortlessly combine raw melodies with super catchy vocal hooks. That's why the songs sound so good whether they're fast or slow because the band have nailed memorable songwriting on "Mable". The raw melodies ring nicely in their expression, the vocals are convincing yet irresistibly catchy, and the overall songwriting is far beyond most of their pop punk peers. "Mable" is effectively another round of ammunition for those eager to prove pop punk's not dead in 2015.


Download: Buried, Applebee's Bar, Everywhere
For the fans of: Direct Hit!, The Menzingers, Banner Pilot
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Release date 10.07.2015
Jade Tree

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