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Heavy Love

Written by: PP on 25/08/2015 23:20:45

Man Overboard are quickly climbing atop the pop punk ladder not just via their defiant defend pop punk stance but also through impressively consistent records despite fast production. "Heavy Love" is their fourth album since they debuted with "Real Talk" in 2010 , and it's right up there with its three predecessors when it comes to summery pop punk for the next generation of New Found Glory fans out there. Indeed, if Rise Against is this generation's Bad Religion, then the argument could be made that Man Overboard is that for New Found Glory given how similar their nasally-driven, bright and upbeat brand of pop punk about girls, girlfriends, and breakups is.

That's right. "Heavy Love" is cheesy, kinda nerdy, and definitively naive throughout its 12 tracks. But it's also infectiously catchy and jammed with summer pop punk anthems. The rapidly delivered verses in "Reality Check" inject great energy in a song which uses emo-laden guitar melodies to give the song a nostalgic vibe overall. "Splinter", one of the catchiest pop punk tracks you'll hear in 2015, echoes a similar emotional charge as The Wonder Years, but never bothers to embed as much depth. Sometimes pop punk is just supposed to be fun sing-alongs with happy-go-lucky melodies airing feel-good vibes all-around. That song does just that. Some riffs and songs recall Blink 182's college pop punk back from their good old days, which completes the circle of referencing the 'Big Three' in pop punk in this review. It's no coincidence for Man Overboard are seriously starting to make a case that they should be headlining bigger tours on both sides of the pond.

Much like "Heart Attack" two years ago, "Heavy Love" upholds a frightening consistency no matter which style the band play around with. Some songs are classic fast-paced pop punk that might even create circle pits live - "Cliffhanger" is ridiculously fast - while others are less cheerful and squarely emo - such as "The Note" - but either way you'll be singing along. The latter particularly references NFG during its chorus melody, so those fans should be happy.

At the same time, the band's ability to inject catchphrases in pretty much every song is what makes them stand out from the pack. The aforementioned "Cliffhanger", for instance, sees vocalist Nik Bruzzese immortalize every troubled teenager's thoughts into words to scream back at the band when he sings "I realize I'm a natural second best [...] I've come to grips with the fact that I'm depressed [...] And the sad thing is...that I've never been better". While this kind of lyrical content is unlikely to appeal to the 22+ demographic, there's no denying how catchy these songs are. You could even argue "Heavy Love" is the best Man Overboard album since their debut "Real Talk", which bodes well for their future. A must check out for pop punk fans in 2015.


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Release date 30.06.2015
Rise Records

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