The Beatophonics

The Beatophonics

Written by: PP on 23/08/2015 22:20:13

It should not be a surprise to anyone that a band called The Beatophonics sound more or less exactly like The Beatles did. A strong love for the 60s and a total re-creation of the atmosphere and vibe from the era is omnipresent on the self-titled debut album by this Danish bunch. From this, an obvious question arises: is it at all relevant in 2015?

The answer is no. Unless you're a life-long Beatles fanatic or still on a high from the Paul McCartney performance from Roskilde Festival, there's little reason to pop on this record for anything other than nostalgia-driven reasons. Not that there's anything wrong with nostalgia, revivalist bands are often excellent in their re-interpretations of genres whose popularity has long since faded - take Wolfmother, The Vintage Caravan or Rival Sons for example when it comes to classic rock 70s style. But the key reason these bands are successful is that they bring a breath of fresh air into the style instead of just copying it as-is from the old days. The Beatophonics don't offer the former, resulting in an album that's about as interesting as The Beatles output is today (newsflash: most overrated band ever). Because in all honesty, why would you opt for The Beatophonics record instead of the originals in, well, any scenario? They are well suited as the house orchestra for Vega's 50's parties, but for music enthusiasts in particular? Not a chance.

Technically the record is, of course, fine. There are a number of half decent 60s rock tracks which are played well and with authentic-sounding production. I just fail to see the relevance of releasing something that sounds like this in 2015.


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For the fans of: The Beatles, Paper Tigers
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Release date 11.05.2015
Target Records

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