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Written by: AP on 17/09/2007 22:57:37

Indeed, sometimes you do come across records that are all too easy to label and write off, and sometimes you do miss out in doing so. On the flipside of the coin, other times you will regret abandoning your skepticism in favor of giving one a chance. The Blackout Argument's debut album "Decisions" belongs to the latter set. It's an album I chose with haste and no further adue because, well, the review list wasn't exactly flourishing with intriguing albums at the time and it seemed to correspond to my likings.

It's not that "Decisions" is a bad album as such; it just lacks all motivation. The German quintet's attempt at some kind of pop-meets-screamo novelty is bland at best; all too mediocre in its vain endeavors to capture the listener's attention. In fact, the album's sole memorable moment is found in the chorus of "I Against" and while it may be catchy, it fulfills all the criteria of the emo stereotype. It's a song any similar band could have written - and probably has to some extent - and thus fails in providing anything striking; anything worth discussing, really. The Blackout Argument's biggest and perhaps only problem is that they're willing to settle for being everyone as opposed to someone. And so, "Decisions" is exactly what you'd expect: a passionless vocal shuffling screams and emotionally overweight clean passages, punk-inspired power chord riffs and lots of acoustic fillers between the heavier songs.

To sum it up, it's not talent The Blackout Argument lacks, but rather the will to use it. If you're going to indulge yourself in this genre, you'd better make it a cheesefest or at least be self-aware on some level. What bothers me is that The Blackout Argument blindly believes rooted fans will welcome this with open arms. Wake up: if it's generic they want, there's already plenty of other bands satisfying their demand. On the other hand, it is almost certain this album won't soar with the elite and that kick in the butt might be just what The Blackout Argument need to grab themselves by their necks.

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Release date 10.09.2007


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