The Early Years: Revisited

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Usually, we don't cover compilations or reissues, but "The Early Years: Revisited" by Zebrahead is a little different. The release covers "Zebrahead", "Waste of Mind", "Playmate Of The Year" and "MZFB" hits from between 1998 and 2003, when the band's lineup read Justin Mauriello and Greg Bergdorf instead of Matty Lewis on vocals and Dan Palmer on guitar. Because many of the band's greatest hits stem from this era, the group decided to re-record a selection of these cuts with the current long-standing lineup to give the tracks and updated feel. Lewis and Palmer each give their own twists to the original tracks, but most Zebrahead fans nowadays remember them best this way anyway because they're such frequent appearances in their live shows.

The end result is exactly how you'd expect: a fun-driven, ultra catchy record that features an outrageous combination of so many different genres packaged into their trademark expression. "Jagoff", for instance, is straight up ska punk mixed with nu-metal, "Someday" is a hip hop track complemented by super catchy punk riffs giving the song a bouncy and AN inherently fun vibe, and "Check" features metallic riffs and hardcore punk influence in the same song. Common to all of them is that they are party-starting anthems that liberally use pop punk elements to ensure they're infectiously catchy and perfect for energetic live shows. Even so, tracks like "Hello Tomorrow" and "Playmate Of The Year" have grown into modern classics over the years, so it's not only fun and games, but actual solid songwriting is also present on the record.

Additionally the compilation features one new track called "Devil On My Shoulder", which is a weird inclusion considering how radically different and more serious it is in comparison with the other, more party-oriented songs on the record. Instead, it features some of the worst offending features of popular music from over-inflated production values to generic songwriting that's significantly less interesting than the other material on the record.

But as a complete package, "The Early Years: Revisited" is an excellent starting point if you want to get into Zebrahead. It has exclusively catchy tracks that you're likely to hear in their live shows wherever you go see them. For older fans, it's worthwhile also to finally get album-quality versions of the old material with the current lineup.


Download: Jagoff, Check, Playmate Of The Year, Hello Tomorrow
For the fans of: 311, Sublime, Linkin Park, Blink 182
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Release date 21.04.2015
Rude Records

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