Heir Of Solitude EP

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On their debut EP "Hangar of Doom", Velociter mostly sounded like an amateur band who had just gotten together to write some thrash metal, and merely decided to record that session for whatever reason. For new EP "Heir Of Solitude", the Herning, Denmark-based bunch do much better, having clearly learned the lessons of their earlier output and release a much more convincing record as a result. There has also been a lineup change, with their old (male) vocalist being replaced by Marika Hyldmar of Illnath (side note: she also occasionally photographs for this magazine), which gives the band a different sound altogether.

Instrumentally, we're still within textbook thrash metal format. Vicious, lightning speed shredding Slayer style is the name of the game, where especially the fretwork has become tighter and catchier than older output. Marika's vocal output primarily comes out in ravaging shrieks as opposed to the yelling style most thrash metal bands use, which gives the band additional edge. In general, the songwriting has improved leaps and bounds as the band now avoid the amateur trap and start sounding like a real thrash metal band. They are still paying obvious homage to the genre guardians, but at least the resulting soundscape is catchy - check out "Heir Of Solitude" - and headbang-friendly throughout. Piercing solos interrupt the general thrash metal shredding but complement the overall soundscape nicely. On the physical release they've even included a Mercyful Fate cover in the form of "Come To The Sabbath", featuring Mike Wead of said band and King Diamond fame guesting.

Still, Velociter are admittedly far from the international standard within thrash metal, even if "Heir Of Solitude" EP suggests they can write decent thrash metal songs and produce them accordingly. Compared to Essence, for example, the songs reek a little too much of worship of their favorite bands (by members in Velociter). That's not a bad thing per se, it just means Velociter's current output is mostly for thrash metal enthusiasts only who like to discover bands in the early stages of their development. Fingers crossed for equally strong development from this EP to the next EP/album, as they did from "Hangar of Doom".


Download: Mental Suicide, Heir Of Solitude
For the fans of: Testament, Slayer, Artillery, Arch Enemy
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Release date 20.04.2015

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