Pierce The Veil

A Flair For The Dramatic

Written by: TL on 17/09/2007 00:15:16

Sometimes you come across records that are all too easy to label and write off. It's all too easy to write off a band because of a name. Pierce The Veil. It can be all too easy to write an album off because of its title. "A Flair For The Dramatic". If a band's vocalist sounds in a specific way, nasal, high pitched, and if the music is spiced with screams here and there, it can be much too easy to simply stick a band with the "emo" label and move on. If you do any of this to Pierce The Veil, you can go look up "missing out" in the dictionary and find a picture of yourself.

The review of this bands debut "A Flair For The Dramatic" is long overdue. The reason is simply this. This album is so unbelievably good I had to listen to it again and again and again, second guessing my own judgement over and over again, before I could finally bring myself to put my feelings for it in words. You see, from start to end Pierce The Veil simply mops the floor with anything I can remember hearing for.. I don't even know. A very long period of time. Here's what you're in for: Vic Fuentes singing, resembling most notably Anthony Green, lyrics of pure poetry, backed by screams that while passionate reside subtly in the background, never stealing the focus. Guitarlines so complex and breath taking you're thinking "Wait, I thought only The Fall Of Troy could do that?" jampacked into complex and frankly stunningly beautiful compositions, and again melting subtly into the superior homogenous production, in a manner that's gonna play tricks on your ears, used as they are to constantly having obvious earcandy dumbed down and brought vulgarly to the foreground.

In fact that is the sole fact that's probably going to keep Pierce The Veil nicely tucked in the underground, because listening to their music simply requires that you're able to recognize the quality in all the elements and all the layers that are being served in front on you, with one part never overshadowing the other, instead just fitting into place in the puzzle of audio art that is "A Flair For The Dramatic". I can only compare it to Saosin's legendary "Translating The Name EP" that also took some intense listening before opening up in all its grandeur.

Nevertheless, if you're in for a ride through audio poetry I urge you to get this cd, and go on a trip through it, noticing all the best elements from bands like Chiodos, The Mars Volta and Dance Gavin Dance pop up and wave. That is if you're not too busy figuring out which intricate guitar melody made your jaw drop to the floor, or which compositional stroke of genius that just blew your mind. I'm probably going to take a beating from my colleagues for doing this, but I simply have to grade this album the full 10, and if you can't understand that, trust me, you're not listening.


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Release Date 26.06.2007
Equal Vision
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