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Written by: BV on 10/08/2015 12:55:53

I first became aware of Mac DeMarco’s music when I travelled to Austin, Texas to attend Austin Psych Fest 2015 – or Levitation, as it is now called. I was amused, dazzled and dumbfounded by the simplicity of DeMarco’s music and demeanor, but it is very safe to say that his easygoing tunes had a lasting impact on me as I have since found myself scouring record stores for his past releases. Prolific as ever, DeMarco has returned with an 8-song mini album of sorts titled “Another One” – an album which can easily be deemed a loosely conceptualized album about love – not as a specific concept, but more of a series of loosely related tracks.

Opening with the funkily upbeat “The Way You’d Love Her”, the listener is immediately exposed to that DeMarco-esque way of music. The guitar sounds disturbingly warped to the point of irritation – but you never quite get upset, rather you follow the sound’s example and let yourself become warped and mellow to the beat of the tune. DeMarco’s soothing, slightly crooning voice sings lyrics about love in the simplest, most endearing way. There’s nothing overly complicated about the proceedings here and that’s seemingly exactly how it should be. It’s easy to tag along for the ride, if you so please.

There has (quite fittingly) been a lot of talking going on, often concerning speculations as to whether or not this would be the album on which Mac DeMarco would ’grow up’ or ’mature’ as an artist. Quite frankly I think that entire discussion seems highly irrelevant as there has, in my opinion, been a sense of maturity to be found in small doses scattered throughout the entirety of his recorded works. Granted, the themes are different – from the happy-go-lucky earlier outings to the somewhat more melancholic, yet strangely upbeat proceedings on “Salad Days” – now coming fairly close to a full circle with an album entirely made up of love songs. There has seemingly always been a sense of development in the music and it doesn’t seem entirely right to label any of the albums immature as they have all reflected a certain stage in DeMarco’s progress both as a songwriter and, indeed, as a person (or so the speculation goes).

We, the listeners, have been warned to not take anything on “Another One” too seriously as the album is simply a collection of love songs that may or may not have much basis in DeMarco’s personal life. Private lives aside, there’s no mistaking that DeMarco can concoct potent love songs that are not only easy to relate to, but also seem to steer clear of the most toe-cringing clichés out there; “No Other Heart” and “I’ve Been Waiting For Her” are both beautiful examples of just that.

Just when you think DeMarco can’t become more endearing to his highly devoted fan-base, he goes ahead and releases a track called “My House By the Water” – a track which he ends by giving out his full address and an open invite for coffee; ”6802 Bayfield Ave, Arverne, New York. Stop on by, I'll make you a cup of coffee. See you later”. Now, if that isn’t trust, I’m not entirely sure what is. Regardless, DeMarco has made a fine collection of love songs on “Another One” that epitomize his way of making music. It might not have the same impact as “2” or “Salad Days” but it sure is a potent follow-up. DeMarco fans, new and old, rejoice!

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Release date 07.08.2015
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