The End Is Begun

Written by: TL on 16/09/2007 19:51:13

People say that Roskilde University is a University filled with alcoholics. After having attended for some three weeks, I wouldn't say that drinking is all we do, but spending a minimum of four days a week drunk so far, is beginning to make me comprehend how we got our reputation. That's not at all relevant to you, or at least it wouldn't be if it hadn't been severely halting my reviewing duty. So here I am, brain fried again, hoping to fill you in on a least a couple of records tonight, and without further ado, let's get into it.

The album I'm kicking off with today is Three's "The End Is Begun", and if I am to quickly describe what the band sounds like, attempt to imagine Coheed And Cambria having all but completely abandoned all their poppy "whoa whoa" choruses, catchy refrains and other crowdpleasing gimmicks in favor of an almost Tool-ish disdain for whatever anyone might think about what they're doing. Joey Eppards vocals combined with the sound of the guitars easily lead your thoughts to some of the more proggy' Co&ca songs, but it quickly becomes apparent that Three's approach is somewhat more ballsy than Sanchez and co.'s. The opening title track join with track four "All That Remains" in making out the most prominent examples of the band's style. Here and there jazzy elements mingle with melodramatic compositions of almost power metal proportions, and so far everything is looking quite bright in terms of creating an interesting soundscape.

However, while every time I listen to "The End Is Begun" I am fascinated by the quite original style the band has chosen to pursue, I have yet to develop a loving relationship to especially the later songs on the album. Listening to this cd is simply the kind of experience where you get wrapped up in the atmosphere from the first track, but halfway through, you'll already start feeling at home in it, and your attention will no longer be tickled automatically. This spells out the drawback of this otherwise very strong and promising effort, and makes it an album that pays off all the way through, but only provided you can stay interested till the end.


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Release Date 23.07.2007
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