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Yes It Is

Written by: PP on 03/08/2015 22:49:29

Western Settings are a fairly typical, basement-style punk rock band from San Diego. Their brand of melodic punk hinges on the same ideals as so many other FEST veterans, here most notably channeling the gravelly shouts of Red City Radio and the alternative rock based melodies of Elway in a half-and-half mixture. "Yes It Is" therefore falls squarely within the Midwestern punk and/or Gainesville punk definition, with sing-alongs available for most songs, alongside plenty of melodically ringing and treble-charged guitars.

There's an earnest, yet passionate vibe surrounding tracks like the title track and its gang chanted "you gotta hold your head high" lyrics. Singer Ricky Schmidt most relies on a nonchalant clean singing style similar to the guy from Elway, but isn't afraid to let his voice break into a gravelly scream in the vein of Garrett Dale of Red City Radio fame. He brings a sense of intimacy into their soundscape, which generally compares to like-minded peers in acts like Timeshares, Ma Jolie, Nightlights, Signals Midwest and bunch of other Midwestern punk styled bands that only genre enthusiasts will likely be aware of. Either way, this means the songs are driven by honest melodies and energetic guitars, perfect for tiny mosh pits at basements and tiny clubs across US and Europe alike. You know, the kind of places which implant unforgettable memories in the minds of both the audience and the band as intimate connections are formed through easily-digestible punk rock songs that nonetheless carry enough depth for plenty of longevity.

"Dying Without Children" is arguably the most different-sounding track on "Yes It Is" given the guest female vocals delivered by Jen Razavi of The Bombpops. Her softer voice gives the song a more soothing vibe than the raucous, yet melody-driven punk rock otherwise suggests. While "Yes It Is" may not be in danger of threatening the top spots at this year's punk rock charts come December -- largely thanks to a lack of true flagship songs that'd help shine the spotlight on the rest of the album as well -- it is nonetheless a solid, if somewhat predictable melodic punk rock effort.


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For the fans of: Red City Radio, Elway, Typesetter, Timeshares
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Release date 17.02.2015
Dying Scene Records

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