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Lost Souls

Written by: MBC on 01/08/2015 16:13:48

It is a shame that I did not get around to reviewing this album by British hardcore/metal band Surrender The Coast until now, seeing as they have apparently called it quits this month. Having been in existence since 2009 the young band was in the midst of making a name for themselves with several tours across Europe and a performance at Download Festival in 2013. “Lost Souls” was released earlier this year and although not a groundbreaking album in any way, it is a nice collection of songs played with great energy.

“Lost Souls” is a short, but sweet album consisting of eight simple and effective southern hardcore/metal songs that should please fans of bands like Cancer Bats, Every Time Die or Vanna. The album sounds great with a crisp production thanks to producer Jamie Ward (Tides From Nebula), and every song, even the slow ones, packs a punch with hard and melodic groove-riffs and dirty screamed mid-to-high pitched dual-vocals. Although the album definitely has a distinctive style, the songs do not feel too repetitive or redundant, though that probably would have been the case with four or five songs more on the album. They vary in tempo from the frantic, yet groovy “Aurora Skies” and “Lost Souls” to the slow and creeping “Thrones”, yet in every song there is a powerful aggression and energy that screams live performance.

It is too bad that we apparently will not get to experience this band live anymore. Surrender The Coast played quality heavy party music that would fit just as well at a larger music venue as in a small rock club or metal festival. Hopefully the members will appear in future projects, as more people need to be exposed to their musical talents. “Lost Souls” is a surprisingly good little album from the now defunct band.

Download: Aurora Skies, Lost Souls, Dreamcatcher, Blissful Ignorance, Wings
For the fans of: Cancer Bats, Gallows, Every Time I Die, Vanna, Comeback Kid
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Release date 22.02.2015
Redfield Records

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