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Runaway Brother are a new foursome from Cleveland, Ohio whose debut album "Mother" should interest you if you're at all into any of those bands that cross emo rock and introspective, dramatic lyricism with catchy indie-pop elements, like Say Anything or The Front Bottoms. Most songs are busy, rhythmic and up-tempo with guitars hectically playing intertwined riffs all over the place while Jacob Lee's intense and very explicitly pronounced vocals shine above it all in their dramatic glory.

Lee's vocal performance is one of the most prominent elements in the band's sound but his strong voice is also carried well by the underlying instrumentation that includes many thoughtful details which keep it interesting all the way through. Some of the songs here are somewhat unusually structured with verses and choruses that are equally catchy and hook-filled, as on the amazing and somewhat stripped-down "Catch", or with several instrumental stretches in them as another of my favorites, "Moth". Not all of the songs are up-tempo of course and while not some of the slowest songs here, "Faking It" and "False Halo" both stand out because they play around with the tempo and feature incredibly catchy parts that are sure to stay in your head for hours after listening to them. Lee shows great versatility in his singing across the album as he changes between loud, shivering wails and soft, quiet singing with equal skill. "Hummingbird" is a great example of both happening in the same song as Lee follows the evolution of the instrumentation that begins quietly and then picks up the pace later.

In general the band is really good at varying riffs and tempo during songs, as mentioned before, and this makes the compositions feel very energetic and spontaneous. The album sounds playful and painstakingly intense at the same time and from start to finish this tension can be felt which makes all of its 42 minutes sheer joy to listen to.

Download: Catch, Moth, Faking It, Hummingbird, False Halo
For The Fans Of: Modern Baseball, Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack, The Front Bottoms

Release date 31.03.2015
Tiny Engines

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