Right To Rise

Written by: MAK on 29/07/2015 22:50:22

Detroit, MI rockers Wilson launched themselves onto the radar screen with their awesomely-titled debut album “Full Blast Fuckery” in 2013. Flaunting gritty rock songs with titles that would never get played on daytime radio or TV, “College Gangbang” and “Viking Pussies Fuck Off” were just a couple of examples. The five-piece marched on to the rock scene with a take-no-prisoners attitude, catering a dirty southern sound, gutsy vocals and extremely meaty hooks, emulating the likes of Cancer Bats and The Damned Things in places. Now the quintet is back with a rather more polished successor in “Right to Rise”.

From the beginning of this album, I can picture roadside biker bars, leather jackets and a hell of a lot of bourbon — or in simpler way of saying it: “Right to Rise” is essentially the soundtrack that the television show “Sons of Anarchy” should have had. Opener and title track “Right to Rise”, along with “Guilty (You’re Already Dead)” and “Crave” waste no time in setting the mood with the same dense riffs, southern rock twang, and simple catchy words to latch onto. Vocalist Chad Nicefield tackles various influences in his singing style on these songs and the rest of the album, though the most standout features in his voice seem to be the cross between Rob Zombie and Black Stone Cherry’s Chris Robertson (with a higher proximity to the former).

The overall tone of “Right to Rise” is nowhere near as intense as was the case with “Full Blast Fuckery”. It could be said that the titles give it away: “Full Blast Fuckery” is an all-out ear-assaulting heavy rock album with some dashes of hardcore and southern metal, while “Right to Rise” gives Wilson the license to expand toward a slightly more mainstream audience, even if they are taking a somewhat more conventional approach in the process by adding some pop-rock to the mix. A lot of the ‘balls out’ attitude from “Full Blast Fuckery” is carried over onto this new release in lyrical themes and general swagger, but musically, there is a catchier essence in Wilsons’ song writing now. It just feels less “full on”. “Satisfy Me” could essentially be a song written by Nickelback in 2008, and “The Flood” is more of a blues rock ballad than it is a hard rock anthem, though lyrically it does contain material about hooking up with a ministers daughter thus maintaining Wilson’s amusing vibe.

I can certainly sense more of a desire in “Right to Rise” to continue partying as hard as ever, but also to mature as a band at the same time. There is still some way to go, but the potential is there for Wilson to hit similar heights as Black Stone Cherry or even the likes of SOiL given the necessary time. “Right to Rise” is a step up in production, and even though the raw-sounding heaviness of “Full Blast Fuckery” appeals to my personal tastes more, this newer release is a certified door opener to bigger things.


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For The Fans Of: BlackStone Cherry, SOiL, The Damned Things, The Bastard Sons
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Release date 29.06.2015
Razor & Tie Records

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