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Agusa wandered into the minds of many a psychedelic and progressive rock lover in 2014 with their debut album ”Högtid” and although they still appear to be a little known act, they consistently seem to make their way towards higher profile gigs at places like the renowned Roadburn festival and also receive an abundance of praise for their highly folk-sounding take on progressive, psychedelic rock - with their newest effort, aptly titled “Två” (“Two”), being no exception.

Opening with the massive 20-minute piece “Gånglåt Från Vintergatan” Agusa set out on their longest recorded musical journey yet, taking off with a pleasant hint in the direction of Kama Loka’s “Gånglåt Till Floalt” before venturing into some truly tranquil sonic territory with organs in abundance, paired with hypnotic guitar riffs and utterly mind-warping flute sounds. “Gånglåt Från Vintergatan” unfolds gradually as a good progressive psych piece should, having the musicians engage in highly entertaining, crisp instrumental interplay with each other – calling forth memories of every gig I’ve seen with them and the very special musical chemistry that surrounds the band. Around the 7-minute mark the track unfolds to reveal its musical peak, resulting in a thrilling musical soundscape that sounds utterly medieval in a way, updated with electric instrumentation.

Just when you think you’ve got Agusa pigeonholed though, they prove they are not only able, but also willing to spice things up with a few jazzy turnarounds – both on “Gånglåt Från Vintergatan” and on the album’s second (and last) track “Kung Bores Dans”. The energy surrounding Agusa never really dies out and although the tracks seem somewhat improvised, there is a tightness present which incites a different, albeit probably more accurate picture of a band filled with members with mesmerizing instrumental prowess and a willingness to venture out into far-out musical territory. The musical themes like the main riff of “Gånglåt Till Floalt” which has been incorporated into “Gånglåt Från Vintergatan” make the starting points (and return points) for their instrumental excursions, making sure that the band will always find its way back to the starting point no matter how far out they venture.

Like most things in life, “Två” seems to be made up of two specific sides. There is the upbeat, fast and immediate “Gånglåt Från Vintergatan” and then there is “Kung Bores Dans” which is very introverted and highly melancholic at its very core – making each track the counterpart to the other. There always dynamics present like light and shade, a whisper as opposed to thunder; “Två” is no different in that context and although the two tracks on “Två” are very different from each other, they are both highly riveting in their own unique ways. For an album with only two tracks on it, “Två” certainly makes the best of what it’s got.


Download: Gånglåt Från Vintergatan, Kung Bores Dans
For The Fans Of: Kama Loka, Hills, My Brother The Wind

Release date 24.07.2015
Kommun:2, Laser’s Edge

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