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Reckoning EP

Written by: PP on 27/07/2015 21:36:43

I wonder if Monster named their red-labeled "Assault Energy" brand after Rotting Out and their EP "Reckoning", which came out a few months ago. Although the band has since then broken up, we decided it's worthwhile covering the release anyway considering it's one of the hardest hitting EPs you'll hear this year. Hardcore played with razorwire-like throaty vocal delivery and tearing guitars on a rampage to break shit apart with maximum destruction levels. Sounds a little like Cancer Bats or Trash Talk on paper, right?

Those two bands are also the main reference points when drawing parallels to Rotting Out, which you'll notice straight away as "Born" rips your ears apart with its ultra aggressive vocal delivery and varied tempo that shifts from lightning speed hardcore to down-tuned two-step rhythms moments later. "Eyes Wide" keeps the pace frantic and assures its listener that Rotting Out are meaner and faster than the vast majority of hardcore bands you're used to. "End Of The Road" echoes New York Hardcore ideals with its gang shout chants that elevate it as the highlight track candidate on the record, if it wasn't for the ridiculous amounts of urgency and immediacy that the band has poured on us from track one. The last two tracks are Circle Jerks covers done Rotting Out style, but it's clear that the cover versions are fundamentally incompatible with Rotting Out's own uncompromising version of hardcore/punk.

It's a shame that Rotting Out broke up on the back of such a strong release and a dominating live presence that we witnessed, among others, on the Bane European tour in Copenhagen three years ago. The urgency is instantly felt as the band mows down its listeners on "Born" and it leaves you wanting for much more. Had the two covers been cut from the record and replaced with their own material, there's little doubt this would've scored much higher.

Download: Born, End Of The Road
For the fans of: Cancer Bats, Trash Talk, Circle Jerks
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Release date 10.03.2015
Pure Noise Records

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