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Broken Wings EP

Written by: PP on 27/07/2015 21:18:32

With ambitious goals of international airplay and a massive promotional campaign behind the band, Copenhagen-based indie/pop rock band Suits Blvd is starting to make waves behind the scenes. They've released five singles thus far - all grouped together on the "Broken Wings" EP as far as I can tell - of which the title track has gained airplay on, among others, the seminal US rock radio station KROQ.

It's easy to see why such high praise is revolving around Suits Blvd. Their brand of indie/pop rock is exceptionally radio friendly with smooth vocals and relatively safe, uplifting guitars and overall expansive soundscape so that most people will find it at least enjoyable at the bare minimum. But what's more, they've managed to balance the pop elements with enough depth to convince even some of our less-mainstream music enthusiasts to hop on the bandwagon. The sparkling guitar riffs of "Ocean Of Lights" are but one example where the band showcase their songwriting prowess with a song that slowly but surely crescendos up to a voluminous territory that's usually associated with bands filling up larger venues. Same goes for the structure of the equally solid "One Wish". Similarly, "Only One" is arguably the best track on the record given its majestically expansive soundscapes that echo classic Pearl Jam melodies with the pop rock sensibilities of early Lifehouse records. Think "Hanging By A Moment"-era and you're pretty much exactly where Suits Blvd spend their time throughout the EP.

The vocals lean heavily into 90s style grunge croons that are as smoke-flavored as they are nostalgia-driven, i.e. a perfect match for the US mainstream rock radio stations if you've had the pleasure of listening to one in the past. Right now, they are sitting right in between pop and rock with a balanced sound that appeals to both audiences. They need to uphold this on their upcoming debut album and resist the urge for going for glossier pop-oriented songwriting and production. Are they able to do that, we'll be taking a look at a much bigger band in a year or two.

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For the fans of: Lifehouse, Pearl Jam
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Release date 13.04.2015

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