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Poisoner are a newly formed thrash metal outfit from Slagelse who certainly know how to thrash like the 80s never ended. Their four-track debut EP "Disobey" namely draws indistinguishable parallels to classic thrash metal bands from Kreator to Exodus, both bands known for their ability to shred their guitars like there's no tomorrow. This feature is also prominently on display throughout the Poisoner record where their guitarists showcase the art of writing slick, headbang-proof riffs that have the potential to awe fans of thrash metal in live environments considering their relatively high technical prowess.

The only problem? A lo-fi production that leaves everything sounding amateurish in the process. The rough barks of their vocalist are certainly thrash metal approved, but they drown the instrumentation underneath them even with a good pair of headphones. The drums sound totally flat with next to no oomph, and the bass is only occasionally audible in the mix - notably on lead single "Disobey The Force". The guitars drive the record forward with their relentlessly high-octane technical shredding, but could sound much better with a crispier production overall. This applies also to the screeching thrash solos that borrow from Slayer's repertoire because they simply don't sound as piercing as they should in order to draw proper attention.

Repeated listens to "Disobey" EP convince me there's plenty of thrash talent here and that the band's heart is at the right place. Most listeners will only listen to a 30-second sample at tops, however, and dismiss the band for a sound that belongs to a demo tape and not on an actual release. The verdict? Good songs, but it's damn difficult to hear them in the current state of the recording.


Download: Disobey The Force, erocious Potentate
For the fans of: Kreator, Watchtower, Testament, Slayer
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Release date 28.01.2015

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