I Am Alive In Everything I Touch

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Silverstein were never what some would call leaders in the emo revolution when it was in its prime, but they were one of the few acts that managed to break through the dying niche and stay consistent in providing fans a regular dose of decent post-hardcore music over the years. While some of their peers have broken up and are already on reunion tours, the five-piece have used that time to remain together, master their sound and hone their song writing talent. Topically, Silverstein have a habit of creating concept albums, and this latest outing “I am Alive in Everything I Touch” becomes their third in this style. Split into 4 sections — “Borealis (North)”, "Austeralis (South)”, ”Zephyrus (West)” and “Eurus (East)” — the Ontario based lads write songs based on the idea of touring north America, with vocalist Shane Told claiming that each track’s setting is a different city geographically falling into whichever region they fall under on the record.

Now on their eighth studio album, the Canadians have never seemed to bow under the pressure of adjusting their style so as to gain more fans, or to break into the mainstream. Silverstein have stuck to the same formula that has worked for them since day one, creating a compatible mix of heavy post-hardcore with crushing riffs that would even prick some hardcore and metal fans’ ears, and influences from hardcore punk and pop-punk to glaze their predominantly post-hardcore style.

Opening track “A Midwestern State of Emergency” cuts to the chase and unleashes the dirtiest of riffs before Told dishevels his heart with his signature screaming. As ever, Told’s vocals are so coarse that you’d think he might have destroyed his vocal chords years ago, yet he continues to force out some of the most ferocious growls to this day, and manages simultaneously to sing like an angel in the chorus. This fierce/soft combination throughout the song is well balanced, and accompanied by an according blend of the heaviest riffs and beautiful melodies. What does seem refreshing, and indeed what differentiates the band from their countless peers, is that Silverstein have a knack for creating catchy and rather joyous hooks in their songs. “Face of the Earth” is one amongst several songs with the same edgy, anger fuelled Silverstein we have all come to know and love, but with a chorus so infectious and uplifting you’ll be singing along to it in no time. This is a trend continued in “Buried at Sea” and “In the Dark” as well.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Silverstein album without a lighters in the air style slow burner or two, with both “Late on 6th” and “Toronto – Unabridged” exposing the softer side to the Canadians, the former enlisting a post-rock approach with echoing, delayed guitars, and a patient build-up to a rather dramatic climax at the end. It provides a welcome intermission in the middle of the album, for the listener to catch his/her breath before Silverstein once gain launch them back into the fray with “Milestone” — another track full of vicious intensity, energy, and more catchy chorus sing-alongs.

As such, “I am Alive in Everything I Touch” is a nod to both nostalgia and growth. There are moments where you feel you are listening to the seminal 2005 release “Discovering the Waterfront”, but at the same time, the group are keeping their sound fresh and relevant. For anyone who loved the band in the early stages of their career, “I am Alive in Everything I Touch” is not wont to disappoint, and it may even reignite your love for them again. It just shows that Silverstein still have the same fire in their hearts to passionately write new songs, and that the Canadians have clearly matured into becoming better song writers.


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Release date 19.05.2015
Rise Records

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