Who Will Slay The Beast? EP

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One glance at the concert calendars of Denmark's music venues might create the illusion that the domestic rock scene only consists of very few bands. Yet the reality is another: on a weekly basis, the mailbox of this webzine receives at least one promotional copy from a Danish band or musician of whom none of us has previously heard. One such ensemble is Stonebird, out of the capital city, whose debut EP "Who Will Slay the Beast?" has required a remarkable five years since the group's inception in 2010, to finally make it to the market.

The EP comprises a palatable four tracks, sufficient for waking the appetite and quick to earmark Stonebird as a promising troupe in full control of their inspirations and aspirations. Listing a slew of the usual classic rock acts from 'Zeppelin to Deep Purple and The Doors as their influences, Stonebird waste no time in asserting themselves as a band perfectly content with not pushing the envelope; jamming their favourite artists works just as well. With a title like "Blues on the Rise" stitched onto the opening track, they unambiguously set blues as the undercurrent, sounding at first like less gruff and dusty version of their countrymen in Pet the Preacher. Aside from the occasional discharge of rock'n'roll energy, such as produced toward the end of the 'title' track "Beast" and in parts of the following "Mama/Sister", the EP is thus ridden with a longing, nostalgic tone with plenty of soul wrenching riffs and Hammond organ-laced instrumental passages. The most successful coalescence of the blues, high octane rock'n'roll and psychedelia is achieved by closing piece "Magic Mountain Medicine", which plays like an old school Woodstock '69 hymn. It is there that Laurits Svarrer Pedersen's exquisite guitar solos and Sean Leavy's cascades of organ exist in the greatest symbiosis; here that the listener feels most immersed. And as such, it presents Stonebird with the most logical avenue to pursue on future efforts.

As it stands at present with "Who Will Slay the Beast?", the pressing lack of originality and truly catchy moments are the key issues keeping Stonebird grounded. Mind you, the former would be far less problematic were the quintet to place further emphasis on the prismatic instrumental sections deployed to such gratifying effect in "Magic Mountain Medicine". In doing so, Andreas W. Gajhede's wonderfully smoky singing, if unleashed in key positions, would then feel much more present, whereas under the current circumstances I am personally at pains to pinpoint any particularly noteworthy moments in his otherwise technically superb performance. At just four songs, "Who Will Slay the Beast?" is but a teaser of course, of what is to come, and yours truly, at least, will keep a close eye out for the eventual full-length.


Download: Beast, Magic Mountain Medicine
For the fans of: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pet the Preacher
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Release date 06.03.2015

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