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Written by: MN on 30/06/2015 20:59:00

Admittedly, No Coda's 2014 release "The Entire Cast" has been hiding underneath the rubble that is my review listing. So, for this review I return a better part of a year back in time to an album filled with invigorating athmospherics and an elegant blend of modern day indie rock with elements of post-rock and pop punk. When I first started listening to this record, it did not really capture my attention, but seeing as it has remained on my review playlist, it sporadically came to play throughout the past year. Ultimately, growing on me, I started enjoying listening to "Gone Inane" for its melodic and somewhat implicitly performed melodic passages, which create a relaxing vibe while listening to it. Comparable bands are French Films and Killers Walk Among Us, and to some extent Death Cab For Cutie.

Opening the record, "Gone Inane" starts off with warm guitar tones and an insistent bass drive, inspiring images of emerging spring and hope. The vocals are soft spoken with double harmony, alluding to some early 2000's emo sounds like those of early Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. "Lucas Parts" continues in a similar vein but is really only mildly interesting due to the layered guitar work that characterizes most of No Coda's songs. Certain songs opt for a melancholic arrangement, such as "Tail Gun" and "Who Said Chivalry is Dead", both tracks definitely having some British goth (post-punk/new wave) rock influences, reminiscing some The Cure and The Mission. "Heretic" is one of the most punkish and melodic tracks, that has elements of later Blink 182, one of the clearest example of softer pop-punk on the records.

Despite some quaint tracks throughout the record, No Coda also tend to lose points because of their quite conservative approach. There are no real surprises and it all seems to be flowing ever so smoothly throughout. Only the title track "The Entire Cast" develops beautifully with an instrumental passage midway. It is understandable that No Coda are not flaunters of their musical expression, unfortunately it also becomes a bit too timid for my personal taste. Admittedly, however, No Coda has ironically featured more than average on my playlists, in which I commend them for their easy-listening appeal. Perhaps some fans of Sigur Ros, would find something to enjoy here as it is a decent listen, yet nothing spectacular. It does however have a refreshing spring-like vibe that keeps a satisfactory expression on your face.

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Release date 20.05.2016
Nomethod Records

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