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Divided By Numbers EP

Written by: HES on 24/06/2015 17:10:28

I am not a big fan of the way ”indie” is being thrown around to fancy up any regular old rock release in the softer end of the spectrum. And if you expect indie from Divided By Numbers you’ll be sorely disappointed. If on the other hand you are orientated towards easy-listening Danish rock, this may be something for you.

In spite of Dividid By Numbers not re-inventing any wheels they manage to produce a very listenable experience. The production is pretty solid, the mixing is good and vocalist Troels Andreasen does from time to time show a bit of versatility on a track like “Sky Opens”. Yet overall: Yawn. All four numbers of the EP are circling the same spinning guitar motifs slightly touching upon dream pop layering, maybe nodding a bit towards stadium rock but most of all the band just stays in the same place, tamely rocking back and forth, lightly gracing the same footsteps as so many other trying-to-become-up-and-coming Danish rock bands. It euphonious, but where’s the oomph?

Little sets Divided by Numbers apart from most of the promos we receive at this publication every month. Just look at my reviews of The Grenadines or Ghost of Belle Starr, the latter doing a way better job, only because of a few chosen contrasts that at least makes them memorable – something that becomes quite important when you’re trying to position yourself as a band in an already over-saturated market. Something has to be added – a nerve, an odd instrument, a scream, tricky bass line, a guitar solo or a surprising melody line. There just isn’t. Divided by Numbers seem to be handing out blank business cards, instead of making themselves a band to remember.


Download: Sky Opens, Lay Your Body
For The Fans Of: Grand Avenue, The Grenadines, Coldplay
Listen: facebook.com/dividedbynumbers

Release date 10.04.2015
Popshit Records

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