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Distilled Life

Written by: AP on 06/09/2007 12:03:33

Denmark isn't celebrated for a productive metalcore scene. In fact, the Danish something-core scene is autocratically ruled by The Psyke Project and so far there have been little, if any bids to relieve the Helsinge-based quintet of their absolute power. Until now. Copenhageners Billy Boy In Poison plan to challenge the one-band politics with their elusive blend of metalcore and hardcore.

I've been provided with a three-song demo outing and the band has tried to bribe me; understandably since a journalist of my status has the capacity to send a band skyrocketing to stardom. However, we at rockfreaks adhere to a set of moral and ethical principles and will not sell our integrity for a few or even many beers. That being said, bribery would have been unnecessary because Billy Boy In Poison - the band's age and experience considered - does play quality metal. To emphasize that the band won't settle for genre-stamping, they have included three diverse tracks that provide an insight into the band's multiple influences that range from metalcore by the books to math rock and punk.

The first track, "Absence" features a good melody, a range of harmonies and several breakdowns in the best metalcore fashion, but its rhythm section occasionally bursts out of sync and the intro is downright out of place. While oddity in time signatures and such works when done right, Billy Boy In Poison repeatedly swerve on to math rock paths in the wrong places and with no coherence to the central elements of the songs. This becomes apparent on both the opening- and the following track "Can Never Win". The band needs to either abandon the sudden changes in direction or sit down and find a way to build them into the songs fittingly. The problem is that the two first songs have great riffs but they sound like they've been recorded separately and then pasted in one after the other. The experimental sections break the flow. That being said, "Can Never Win" is my personal favorite, melodic and catchy with its clean sung chorus and epic riff. "Distilled Life" takes a close second place with a brutally heavy assault where the math rock experiments do actually work.

Billy Boy In Poison is perhaps unsigned and inexperienced as of yet, but they show tremendous potential. Considering that this demo dates back to 2006, I wouldn't be surprised if Billy Boy In Poison has already dealt with its weaknesses and written new, even more solid material waiting for the talent scout's spotlight. I'll keep my fingers crossed for this band.

Download: Absence, Can Never win, Distilled Life

For the fans of: Killswitch Engage, The Bled, Heaven Shall Burn

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Release date 01.11.2006


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