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It almost seems cliché for a pop-punk band to rise to some sort of fame when they come from a town with little to no music scene, though these Eastbourne lads don’t seem phased by this and are happily riding the resurgence of the genre that seems to be gaining more popularity again by the minute. Having only been a band since late 2012, it is somewhat impressive to see ROAM get so popular so quickly, within 2 years of being active they were supporting the likes of Neck Deep and Enter Shikari. Fast forward a year further and they have toured America with friends As It Is supporting Set It Off and have been added to some of the UK’s most popular festivals including Slam Dunk and Download. It appears that ROAM have arrived in the music world at the perfect time to take full advantage of the pop punk revival scene.

In their short-lived career, ROAM are already on their 3rd EP with an album also in the process of being recorded. From an initial listen “Viewpoint” is straight away a step up from their 2013 release “Head Down” on production alone. Everything from the guitars to drums and vocals just seems clearer and somewhat more professionally mixed, progressing ROAM’s sound from demo quality music to something that will prick a lot more ears.

Musically what works for ROAM and “Viewpoint” is that the 5-piece has stuck to the same formula for every release. Chirpy yet energetic punk rock that will cause both chaos and enjoyment in a live crowd, enticing fans to get involved, whether it is running around, moshing, jumping about or just singing along to the extremely catchy lyrics. In fact opening track “Over Your Head” has layered vocals and shout outs that clearly invite a crowd to join in and be one with the band.

What works for the south coast punks may also be their downfall as there isn’t a lot that separates them from similar acts. Quite frankly to the average listener they might just sound like another Four Year Strong or Neck Deep. Clearly ROAM have their strong influences and where they get their ideas in writing their uplifting hooks from, but it is hard to find their unique selling point other than their impressive presence at live shows.

“Viewpoint” isn't anything new in the slightest, you can listen to it and get the same feeling that pop punk always has, a sense of joyfulness. You can close your eyes and picture summer, parties, people having fun and that same kind of automatic happy feeling most fans felt when they first heard Blink 182’s “Take off Your Pants and Jacket”. This 4 track little wonder is a nice teaser for what is still to come with their upcoming yet to be named album.


Download: Over Your Head, Warning Sign
For The Fans Of: Neck Deep, The Story So Far, State Champs, Four Year Strong

Release date 27.01.2015
Hopeless Records

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