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Life On Life's Terms

Written by: TL on 02/09/2007 23:23:38

"Satisfaction is the death of desire, but baby I'm not satisfied" sings BEDlight for blueEYES on their recent sophomore "Life On Life's Terms" and I find that amusing, because I feel more than a little drawn towards using the first half of that line to describe what it sounds like.

When original vocalist Christian Guerrero left the band it seemed like the end, as his obvious talent carried a lot of the weight on the tracks that stood out above the grey mass of mediocrity that their first album "The Dawn" had trouble lifting itself from. However, I am going to go out on a limp and state that to the unwary listener, the change in lineup is completely obscure. Granted, replacement vocalist Daniel Renaldi lacks the edge that would've made him into a flawless clone of Guerrero, but this change could have easily been dismissed as being a result of the streamlining the rest of the band's sound has undergone since their last record. You see what "Life On Life's Term" is, is a completely forgettable and for the most part uninteresting radio rock album. On "The Dawn" the lack of diversity could in some points be overlooked as sparks of attitude and emotion stole the spotlight, but as these have been shaved off here to soften up the sound and increase mass appeal, there isn't really anything left to combat the feeling of boredom except a few catchy choruses here and there.

Songs like "Ms. Shapes" and "Broken Door" display what I find to be the best of mentioned choruses while a track like the ballad "Walk With Me" gravely underlines the missing identity of the music. "Without You (We Are Everything)" struggles to put a dash of rock'n'roll into the mixture while hinting strongly at the now former bandmembers (the rhythm guitarist and bassist have also been replaced), but at track 9 of 11 it's simply too little too late.

Bedlight For Blueeyes (I refuse to recreate the ridiculous capitalization more than once) takes one step back on "Life On Life's Terms" and effectively ends up sounding like a band you'd tap your foot to if you saw them live, while their albums simply seem a bit too much like just-too-accessible outfits like Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20 or perhaps even a less cheese-festive Maroon 5. Only get it if you're a fan.

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Release Date 10.07.2007
Trustkill Records
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