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Word Is Bond

Written by: PP on 12/05/2015 20:31:49

Everyone's favorite party hardcore boys Deez Nuts are back with more of the same on their new album "Word Is Bond". But why change what works when it works so well? In fact, why change at all. "Party On The Hill", for instance, features the same bouncy and outrageous atmosphere as "Shot After Shot" on their previous album, even referencing the lyrics cheekily with a brief line of "Shot after shot yeah you know the rest. We been there and we done that and we did it the best" in one of the catchiest moments on the album. Hardcore need not always to be serious, and what better way to show it than to poke a little fun at yourself, as Deez Nuts so very well demonstrate here. That the song is mad catchy is actually rather humorous considering how outrageously offensive Deez Nuts' sound must be the most people. I mean are comparisons to Limp Bizkit really that out of place here?

While the party atmosphere isn't necessarily as vividly present on "Word Is Bond" as it was on "Bout It", given that Deez Nuts have taken an ever-so-slight turn towards a more serious approach to hardcore on the record, it's still the dominating theme throughout the record. Songs like "Face This On My Own", "What's Good" and "Wrong Things Right" all portray a band willing to cut a few corners in terms of artistic integrity for a good shout-along or a mosh-pit inducing two-step bounce, but that's exactly what we want from Deez Nuts. Leave the songs about unity, family and street to the serious bands, and bring on the booze-fueled, middle-finger waving bro-core of Deez Nuts on board instead. All convictions and rules about hardcore are firmly thrown out the window as the band spit, shout and party their way through hilarious anthems of bouncy hardcore with a nu-metal twist. It's damn provocative, foul-mouthed and offensive in every meaning of the word, but that's kind of the point.

So what then, if anything, is "Word Is Bond" worth from a music critic's point of view? Surprisingly, quite a lot. Their contrast with regular hardcore is so stark that it becomes effective on its own right. Their melodies are almost irresistible at times, and even the more anonymous tracks manage to leave an impact (see "The Message", for instance), because of the rhythmic rapping of their cap-spouting vocalist JJ Peters. Much like The Hell, the joke is not on them but the rest of the genre.


Download: What's Good, Face This On My Own, Party At The Hill
For the fans of: Beastie Boys, Body Count, Your Demise, Blacklisted, Cruel Hand, The Hell, Limp Bizkit
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Release date 24.04.2015
Century Media Records

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