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Written by: EL on 30/04/2015 11:04:38

Like Pacific is a pop-punk quintet from Toronto, Canada, and they recently released their debut EP of the same title, “Like Pacific”. Similar sounding to The Story So Far who coincidentally are on the same label as them, they unfortunately don’t seem to bring the bang for its buck this time round as far as upcoming pop-punk bands go.

The first track, “Sigh Of Relief”, opens up with a lively short intro with your typical high-pitched harmonies and predictable riffs and would perhaps have fared better in the middle of the EP instead of being a bit of a deflating intro.

“Eviction” follows and brings more to the plate with varied layers of enjoyable harmonies and choruses. It features some clean hooks and commendable musicianship, which is a right sight better than the first track.

Their first single and third track on the EP, “Clarity” is similar to its predecessor and you can see how heavily influenced the band have been by other contemporary bands, especially The Story So Far. With a slight touch of melodic hardcore making an appearance here and there it slightly edges them away from a complete pop-punk colour of paint. “105 McCaul Street” is probably one of the best tracks on the EP; it has an awesome hook, but where it falters is the lack of repetitiveness in the song. I want to hear more catchy hooks - not be left wanting for more! Paired with the final track "Suffering" which deals with a parent suffering from illness, the emotive and impassioned side to these two final songs, completely outshines the rest of the EP.

It’s evident that the singer is relying heavily on the stereotypical blend of hardcore singing/yelling which has been found all too many times in new bands trying to make a mark on the already overly populated scene and yet he still appears to miss the mark. There is nothing in this EP that leaves much to the imagination nor is it something I’d be running back to repeat any time soon. In a sea of bands all trying to fight their way to the top, Like Pacific have a very long way to go if they are to survive the ever-growing populous of the pop-punk genre.


Download: 105 McCaul Street
For The Fans Of: The Story So Far

Release date 20.01.2015
Pure Noise Records

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