Colleen Green

I Want To Grow Up

Written by: PP on 20/04/2015 23:05:26

Here's an interesting record from a L.A. based recording artist Colleen Green. Her sophomore album "I Want To Grow Up" features Diarrhea Planet's Casey Weissbuch and JEFF The Brotherhood's Jake Orrall in the backing band, which sees the group explore a quirky balance between raw grunge rock and fragile female-fronted indie pop in an expression that's as volatile as it is weird and silky-smooth.

On one hand, her vocals are fragile and slightly awkward on songs like "Wild One", which references Nirvana's grunge rock (the quieter tracks) with its guitar whilst going for the soft and quirky indie-alternative of Lemuria vocally. Elsewhere, "TV" sounds like it could've been written by Courtney Love with guest vocals by The Distillers' Brody Dalle, showcasing a more explosive side to Colleen Green, at least relatively speaking. A song like "Things That Are Bad For Me (Pt. 1)" on the other hand references the nerd rock of Weezer just to underline how strange and unusual a package "I Want To Grow Up" is overall.

Surprisingly, the combo works rather well. It's a curious thing hearing raw grunge riffs contrasting fragile female vocals in this manner. Unsurprisingly, the whole ordeal carries a hipster vibe attached to it, of course. Pitchfork fans will sure like this one. But for the rest of us there are things to pick up on as well, such as the subtle punk undertones and the not-so-subtle grunge instrumentation. It should feel out-of-place, but it doesn't. Check out for some quirky, artsy indie flavored grunge weirdness that you're not quite sure whether it's great or just too weird to work out properly.


Download: Wild One, TV, Some People
For the fans of: Nirvana, Courtney Love, Lemuria, Weezer
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Release date 25.02.2015
Hardly Art

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