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Written by: EL on 20/04/2015 21:47:27

London-bred band Shields are fast on the track to becoming one of the most spoken about bands in the UK. Having quickly taken over the London scene with their brutal and unapologetic music, it’ll only be a matter of time before this band takes on the heavyweights of the metal/hardcore genre. Blessed with some incredible musical talent Shield’s new EP is about to create a massive ripple in the scope of things. It’s been quite a while since they released their previous EP, and so, fans have been eagerly waiting for their new EP, “Guilt” and it’s safe to say they aren’t about to be disappointed in the slightest.

Opening up with an ethereal soundscape that beckons the senses, only to blast into a wave of choruses and eye-wateringly stunning riffs, the intro track “I’ve Dealt With Worse” sets a precursor for what you should expect from the rest of the EP. With guitarist Sam Kubrick’s unbelievable talent as not only a singer and guitarist but as a songwriter as well, his clean vocals blend perfectly with Frontman Joe Edwards’ explosive harsh vocals, which are so powerful and aggressive they could easily wake the dead.

“No Hope” follows and instantly brings the weight and tone of the EP down a couple of notches. Gone is the ethereal beauty that we heard a minute ago and in its place is a song so heavy and passionately honest you forget your surroundings for a minute or so. Kubrick's growls make the room shudder and explode with anger throughout the song.

“Guilt” is the title track of the EP blasts in full force, filled with plenty of heavy chugging and a large octave of vocals to accompany it. This track wavers between the likes of Black Tongue and Suicide Silence. Counting the burdening heaviness of the song, paired with a background of mournful guitar riffs and melodic harmony, this song might be the heaviest they’ve produced yet.

“Jordan” is next and may be the most personal track on the EP as according to Edwards it signifies the loss of his friend through tragic circumstances and that this track was something that helped him come to terms with it. The honesty of this song and the harrowing chorus may hit home for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one via extremely painful circumstances. The lyrical content and astounding musicianship in this track is incomparable to anything the band has written before and brings forward their integrity and maturity as not only musicians but as individuals too.

The final track on the EP “But This Feels Worse” brings everything to a grinding, dreamlike march. Mirroring the ethereal intro to the EP, light, angelic voices blend into a single finely composed guitar solo, after about a minute Edward’s vocals start to break through the airy atmosphere. Further layers of the bass and a heavier push from Edward’s vocals start to build up to the penultimate climax, the sorrowful tone and complex intricacy of which reflects back on the rest of the EP’s powerful punches and serves as a rewarding finish to such an impressive EP.

This band is not to be overlooked nor taken for granted, they are on their way to becoming one of the biggest upcoming bands in the UK and they show no sign of slowing down.


Download: Jordan, No Hope
For The Fans Of: Bury Tomorrow, Heart Of A Coward, Bleed From Within

Release date 20.04.2015

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