The Boy That Got Away

The Boy That Got Away

Written by: LF on 19/04/2015 16:12:44

Meet one of Denmark's new rising rock bands. Since the Aarhusian trio The Boy That Got Away released their self-titled debut album in November 2014, things seem to have really kicked off for them. Their most recent music video was made by Egill Bjarki who for instance has produced several videos for Sigur Ros and right now they're on tour with none other than acclaimed Danish rock band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy who recently reunited. The vocalist of said band, Tim Christensen, has himself praised The Boy That Got Away for their energy, attitude, sense of melody and overall sound. This isn't too surprising considering how similar vocalist Tim Alvin Boström's singing voice actually is to Christensen's but even as the two bands have many things in common musically with their similar Danish approach to grunge rock, they also definitely stand apart.

The album kicks off with a powerful duo of songs in the form of "Follow Your Dreams" and "The Politics" which make up the most catchy songs here overall. They showcase some of the band's strongest sides indeed with Boström's very expressive and energetic vocals that quiver and fly along next to a thundering rhythm section and several ballsy, high-octane guitar riffs. Following this double display of power, the band opts for showing off other sides of their songwriting skills through the album. Some are definitely more interesting than others, but the album never gets boring simply because of the variation in tempo and intensity across it. Every song has a solid energy behind it and there's no shortage of good melodies to be found. One of the more memorable ones with a downright addictive vocal performance is the slower "Tell Us Something" which is nice and heavy while also featuring a floating string section to complement the very rhythmic music.

The more rhythmic tracks on this album fare best overall but the band's energy is just as potent in a more layered song like "On and Off" or in the more quiet and melancholic ending track "July". In its entirety, this album is then a solid debut release that marks The Boy That Got Away as a band that is bound to go far in their endeavors. Their musical product is well-produced and as the quality of their least interesting songs is still as high as it is, they've definitely got a good starting point.


Download: The Politics, Follow Your Dreams, Tell Us Something
For The Fans Of: Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Surfact, Dance With Dirt

Release date 10.11.2014
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