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Written by: TL on 18/04/2015 14:23:30

In 2011 the South Carolina indie rock band All Get Out put itself on the map, and even if the debut album "The Season" was overlooked by many, particularly songs like "Lucky Bastards" and "Let Me Go" made an impression to be remembered and revisited countless times since the album's release. Shortly after the band took a break, however, while frontman Nathan Hussey worked on his solo album, yet while the future for the group looked unclear for some time, they eventually reconvened with plans to come back, plans that have now come to fruition with the new EP "Movement".

For newcomers that missed "The Season", All Get Out sound a lot like Manchester Orchestra, except they're arguably better at putting clear hooks in their songs. Nathan Hussey has a slightly nasal tone of voice and a similar way of chanting or speaking verses along to the melody, and the band's guitar sound has developed to become heavier, similar to how Manchester Orchestra's did on their recent album "Cope". You hear it right away in the churning "Sans" where Hussey invokes biblical references yet keep things grounded. The rhythm of the verse is awesome here, even if the repeated "It's alright! It's alright!" chorus is a tad simple. The following "Orchestra" gets started with an eerie, Brand New-ish guitar bit, before settling into a chunky verse that leads to a half-screamed chorus that sounds like something that could've been on the "Daisy". Here the guitar riff underneath that chorus packs a particularly gratifying punch. "Balance" gets more melodic, opening with a rousing melody where the guitars have a ring to them that makes you wonder if there are horns and strings backing them up or you're just being tricked by effects.

It's the upbeat chorus of the EP's title track that probably offers its catchiest bit, before "All My Friends Are Dead" closes things off in perhaps the release's least spectacular manner. And the five tracks leave you a bit ambivalent, because the opening trio of songs certainly have their parts worth returning for, and "Movement" is indeed catchy, but there's a lingering feeling to the EP like the songs are in a bit of a hurry to get where they're going, compared to the best bits on "The Season". In the strongest cuts on the debut album, the lyrical narrative seemed to matter more, and the cohesion between it and the instrumental structures felt stronger, where the "Movement" EP feels more like a release you put on for the draw of the latter aspect, then only incidentally discovering it, if there are lyrical bits you like as well. It's a solid listen, which preserves All Get Out's lingering potential, but it still feels like there's room for the band to tinker more thoroughly to get the most out of each song.

Download: Sans, Orchestra, Movement
For The Fans Of: Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Mewithoutyou

Release date 14.04.2015
Bad Timing Records

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