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Written by: PP on 13/04/2015 22:04:28

Where most rock bands in Denmark tend to lean towards either attitude or groove as the leading force in their sound, Disarray Son are different. Their self-titled debut EP takes a radically different approach to the age-old genre, instead relying on soulful stoner vibes and mood-setting ambiance as the cornerstone of their sound. The resulting expression is an enjoyable desert rock one that feels expansive, detailed and immersive, which is certainly a far cry from the derivative rock'n'roll exhibited by most of their national peers. That's a good thing.

The EP's highlight track is the six minute atmospheric piece "Born In Two". Here, the band lay the groundwork for what follows throughout the record: echoing instrumentation and relaxing clean vocals that loftily float around the soundscapes with a few grunge undertones present for good measure. On "Coldhearted", the band tightens up their sound somewhat and channel their inner Nirvana inspiration through slightly heavier distortion and a rowdier tempo. Here, the vocals also point towards Kurt Cobain, especially during the parts where they nearly break into a scream. Most of the other tracks, however, are more inspired by the southern state rock of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, perhaps mixed in with influence from the more atmospheric material by 90s grunge legends Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. The keyword is atmospheric, because Disarray Son spend extensive periods of time building an instrumental landscape that allows the vocals to echo across the vast soundscape, as if the band were playing the music in the middle of an open desert somewhere in Arizona or Nevada. It's a very authentic vibe that's only possible due to the band's attention to detail especially in the guitar department, where slide techniques and clever slow-tempo riffage are used to maximum advantage to achieve a specific desert rock ambiance that carries on throughout the record.

Though you could argue that Disarray Son aren't doing anything that hasn't been done before on their EP, they are executing their approach well. It's a classic rock sound that echoes the best flavors of the 90s without sounding dated in the process. More importantly, it's a refreshing change from what we normally hear in the Danish scene. Be on the lookout for these guys if atmospheric, mood-driven rock music is your type of thing.


Download: Born In Two, The Glade, Gold Labeled Love
For the fans of: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, The Brian Jonestown Massacre
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Release date 06.03.2015

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