Memories In Black

Written by: PP on 29/08/2007 01:59:20

I would like to start this review with a roll call of any readers who consider themselves to be fans of Hellfueled and their new album "Memories In Black"? Anyone? I call upon thee to cast your opinion in the comments on why exactly it is that you like this band, as a possible explanation for why they are receiving such rave reviews across the web not only for "Memories In Black", but also for their past two albums. I get it, the band sounds like Ozzy-wannabes complete with a mumbling clean vocalist, but seriously, they aren't anywhere near the fantastic songwriting talent that Ozzy and his band possesses despite his old age.

When every song sounds more or less the same, and the vocal melodies are mostly boring copycat attempts of Ozzy's repertoire, I just don't see what the fuzz is all about. Sure, the riffs occasionally make you reminisce about the glory days of Black Sabbath, when riffs were riffs and metalheads were metalheads, but again I must point out that they are nowhere near as cleverly written as those by their (obvious) idols. All of the music on "Memories In Black" seems to lack the same kind of urgency and relevance that got the masses moving back then. The effort is there but the delivery is cheezy, making the band sound like a shitty cover act to me.

You can tell it even in the shortness of the review. About 90% of the time when you can't think of anything to say about a band, it's because their record sounds about as original and refreshing as a white sheet of paper some celebrity decided to call 'modern art'. The other 10% of the time is reserved for bands that just numb your tongue simply because they emerge as synonyms for the word "originality". "Memories In Black" belongs to that bigger conglomeration, and can only be recommended to Ozzy Osbourne enthusiasts.


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Release date 03.07.2007
Black Lodge
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