The Radar Post

The Radar Post

Written by: PP on 10/04/2015 00:06:43

The Radar Post is the name given to the solo project of Danish songwriter and producer Esben Svane ahead of the release of his self-titled debut album. He has previously released a couple of singer-songwriter EPs under his own name while trying to form his identity and expression, and now that he has found it, it was only natural to dub the project something a little more memorable.

So how does Mr. Svane sound like on his debut? To start out with, his approach to singer-songwriter is slightly more aggressive than the norm on "Foreword". Here, a clear parallel to the melancholic and pissed-off musings of Andrew Jackson Jihad is created, although The Radar Post never quite reaches the same level of anti-songwriter in terms of lyricism as AJJ do on their hate-driven songs. But the melody lines are similar. "Wear Your Head Off" is an unusually uptempo singer-songwriter piece, instantly making it more interesting for the undersigned because it showcases character and charisma moreso than the standard fare singer-songwriter material usually tends to do. "You Got My Back", on the other hand, resembles early Frank Turner in its punk-influenced approach to the genre. It's simplistic, but you'll be singing along rather quickly. Here, Svane also adds in a full band much like AJJ and Frank Turner on their later material to add more detail and instrumentation to the otherwise minimalist expression. An example of the latter is "Sweater" with its relaxed baritone vocals and a lone electric guitar leading the way until a rhythmic drum pattern and soft bass is added on the background.

If there's one thing to take away from The Radar Post's debut album, it's that it wants to be different. Both vocally and instrumentally, the aim has been to stray away from the generic singer-songwriter box into something a little more interesting. That much has been achieved on the record. Multiple songs impress instantly thanks to Svane's unusually melancholic approach to vocals, and his willingness to experiment with tempo and different types of instrumentation throughout the record. The Radar Post definitely has potential to reach wider audiences as a result.


Download: Foreword, Wear Your Head Off, You Got My Back
For the fans of: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Kevin Devine, Titus Andronicus, Frank Turner
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Release date 20.04.2015
Nordic Music Society

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