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American quintet Stick To Your Guns are back with their fifth full length “Disobedient”, the follow-up to the excellent “Diamond” from 2012. The band continues to carry the banner for melodic hardcore and once again prove that they are leaders in the scene with one of their strongest records yet. For years Stick To Your Guns have made it their mission to invoke hope within its audience and inspire people to stand strong in the face of adversity. Nothing has changed in that department and “Disobedient” is another incredibly passionate album for anyone in need of a pick-me-up or simply fans of well-written melodic hardcore. Although the band, much like genre affiliates The Ghost Inside, in some hardcore circles gets a lot of flack for being too melodic or not “hardcore enough”, they will get none of that bullshit here. We care about great music, and if there is one thing that Stick To Your Guns do well, it is create great music.

What makes Stick To Your Guns an amazing band is the fact that they manage to write music that is raw and emotional with a combination of brute force and a great understanding of melody without ever sacrificing their integrity. Since debut album “For What It’s Worth” from 2007, which was a hardcore release of a more generic nature, Stick To Your Guns has matured a lot, and with the last few records the band has really come into its own and has perfected its take on modern hardcore. In vocalist Jesse Barnett’s voice Stick To Your Guns has an incredible musical weapon, and the band’s appeal is largely based on his presence. Whether it comes to screaming or singing, the man can do it all to perfection, and on this album he proves once again that he is much more than the average hardcore vocalist. He screams with incredible passion and ferocity whilst being an amazing singer with a big range which includes shouty, semi-clean singing as well as a softer and more sombre approach. Anyone who has listened to the band’s previous material is of course aware of this already. Not just from their regular material, but for instance from his amazing solo acoustic version of the song “We Still Believe” from “Diamond”.

The band has chosen to release two versions of “Disobedient”; a standard and a deluxe version. I highly recommend that people get the latter, as it includes two amazing, acoustic versions of the songs “The Crown” and “Nothing You Can Do To Me”. Furthermore, it includes the Shai Hulud-esque track “Every Second” which might be some of the most aggressive material the band has ever done and is a perfect contrast to the balladry tone of otherwise album closer “Left You Behind”. “Disobedient” is a tremendous collection of songs to both get a pit going as well as make people sing along to. The album has a great flow and no songs feel superfluous. A clear highlight for me is the pissed-off hardcore onslaught of “I Choose Nothing” that features an awesome guest vocal appearance by Scott Vogel of Terror as well as an excerpt from the poignant final speech of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”. But that is just one of the many highlights on this amazing album which is a must-have for any fan of high quality hardcore.


Download: What Choice Did You Give Us?, RMA (Revolutionary Mental Attitude), Nothing You Can Do To Me, The Crown, I Choose Nothing, The War Inside
For the fans of: The Ghost Inside, It Prevails, Terror, Hundredth, Obey The Brave
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Release date 10.02.2015
Sumerian Records

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