The Origins Of Ruin

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"Your eyes stare at me from every storefront. And your voice calls to me from every restaurant. And your laughter pierces me as I stand beneath the open sky. And your absence murders me as I sleep perchance to die...". These are the words from a song on Redemption's latest album "The Origins Of Ruin". Call me a silly romantic or whatever but these words are haunting deep in me. Mostly because of the mood I am in as my boyfriend is miles away from me nowadays. Besides, Redemption has the power to create the lyrical atmosphere that will put you in tears in seconds. The band's mastermind Nick van Dyk surely knows how to construct a song, not only based on virtuosity what most progressive bands fall for.

I don't know if you have had the chance of meeting Redemption through their previous albums but I will give a short introduction for the ones who do not, anyway. Nick van Dyk's music hobby turned into a profession when he met with Fates Warning's Ray Alder. Ray contributed only to the first album with his advices, and the second album, "The Fullness Of Time", was released with himself on the vocals. The album became a true success which turned a project into a real band.

A record deal with InsideOut Music (finally!), a permanent line-up, self-confidence coming from "The Fullness Of Time"... As a result, Redemption has found their own sound on the third album, "The Origins Of Ruin". From melodic metal, there are strong hooks, harmonies and catchy guitars and keyboard melodies, whilst from power metal, there is the double bass drum and the speed and heaviness that gets the neck-a-rolling.

The opening song, "The Suffocating Silence", is a bit weird. I still can't get used to the first minutes of it as it feels like not the start but the middle of a song. On the other hand, it basically contributes all the elements Redemption's sound has: Stunning melodies and emotive vocals of Ray Adler, extensive solos and perfect drum fills. The follow up, "Blind My Eyes" is not so strong however, a somewhat anonymous mid-paced track lacking a memorable chorus. The huge grooves and thick guitar tones welcomes you on the next one, "The Death Of Faith And Reason". It's a short song but stands so strong with its straightforward melodies. Then "Memory" arrives, the first epic song on the album with great Dream Theater influence. From the first moment Ray Adler starts to sing, you will find yourself in the sea of emotion. It's the album's best song since.. the last track "Fall On You". It is the song where Redemption allows the full spectrum of their style to shine.

With Redemption, perfection has gained another meaning at the dictionary. So, better check this band out.


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For the fans of: Dream Theater, Fates Warning
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Release date 30.03.2007
InsideOut Music
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