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Atlas Will Atone EP

Written by: EL on 30/03/2015 15:00:11

Welsh post-hardcore band Atlas Will Atone came together through the collapse of their previous bands and so found themselves with a fresh start and a new approach to writing music. In doing so, they have created an incredibly impressive debut EP. Filled with gigantic, powerful riffs and soaring melodic vocals, their music seemingly runs along the same formulas as Rise Against and fellow Welshmen Funeral For a Friend. After nearly two years of relentless writing and gigging, the end result comes down to these 25 minutes of soulful and passionate songwriting.

Opening up with “Blind Ambition”, a bold and fiery demonstration of extreme post-hardcore, the underlying layering of guitars and drums seem a bit simple at first. Having said that the more the song progresses, so does the intricacy of the riffs. The vocal melody is catchy and memorable and the harsh vocals make for a good and effective pairing. There’s an interesting musical dynamic playing around in this song, it sways from a kid at a colourful birthday party to a sweaty teenager moshing in a dark room.

“Alive Again” follows and shifts the gear in rhythm and tone. In this song, the band has proven its ability to write a damn fine punch-tastic riff. Introducing some haunting harmonies during a calmer part of the song which then goes into a burst of screaming and intense emotions, I am drawn more and more into the music. Speaking of lost loves and not being able to let someone go, you can feel the raw intensity of this song bellowing from the speakers. It’s honest and it’s effective, everything you’d want in a forlorn love song.

“Hollow” is definitely the heaviest song of the entire EP. It’s fast, it’s aggressive and it’ll make you want to smash all the mirrors in your bathroom. More manic chugging and cleverly thought outbreaks and turns swing the EP into another gear. I have to hand it to the vocalist, Sion Foulkes, his vocals are superb and are really quite beautiful. His style of vocals and tone of his voice blends perfectly with the longing musings of the guitars. “Deadweight” is punishing and deliberately abrasive. It’s filled with an array of blast beats and some interesting breakdowns. Though the song is impressive in itself, I can’t help but feel that something is lacking in the background. It feels a little hollow and empty. Not the best of the EP.

“Drift” slows down to a calm murmur. It’s calm and provides a naturally beautiful cinematic soundscape between the crushing sounds of the other tracks. If you could imagine floating in a warm night sea looking up at a clear sky this is what you would see. It’s poignant and poetic and sadly is no more than a minute and a bit long, I would have loved for it to have continued a little longer. The final track of the EP is “Midnight Oil”, which explores the restless nights we spend trying to find answers. Possibly the most emotional of the six tracks as well as the longest, it feels as if this song had the most time and effort put into it. Carefully crafted and well balanced I believe this may be my favourite song of the entire EP. It shifts in tempo and tone throughout and plays with an interesting array of layers and dynamics. It’s quite ‘Halloween-esque’; eerie but comforting.

I highly recommend this EP for its melodic integrity and creative enthusiasm. This band definitely has the ability to be something big and their musical prowess is already far exceeding many people's expectations.


Download: Midnight Oil, Blind Ambition
For The Fans Of: Funeral For A Friend

Release date 27.02.2015

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