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Phantom Limb

Written by: PP on 25/08/2007 01:30:48

Pig Destroyer's newest album "Phantom Limb" begins with a silent voice repeating "the body of Christ" with a pig squealing on the background. It sounds like a ritualistic sacrifice, a destruction of a pig if you will, adding an intense feeling of suspense of things to come, which is only solidified by a young child whispering "Mommy.. they are coming". Whatever the purpose of this strange introduction was, it succeeds in making you afraid of things to come, and rightly so, because Pig Destroyer sounds as vicious as its name suggests, and then some.

After the frightening intro, suspense finally climaxes and the record rushes through your veins like the poison in a lethal injection. The sound is sickening, but at the same time the all-encompassing chaos is beautiful. The sinister sound triggers morbid thoughts and pictures, as it's simply some of the ugliest stuff you'll have heard on record - unless you've heard a previous Pig Destroyer record of course. The vocalist growls and screams his lungs out at you at full volume, while the pummeling guitar runs at lightning speed. There's the occasional groove, but most of the time the guitar assaults you like a fucking tiger. Did I mention the album is heavy as fuck? The blast-beat hell is not for the light hearted, and with most tracks running well below the two minute mark, you can only imagine the ridiculous bpm their drummer is capable of.

Usually grindcore albums don't interest me the smallest bit, but "Phantom Limb" is an exception. There's something unique about their savage delivery, something fascinating about their malevolent sound. The whole album sounds like it wants to dissect me into pieces, when I'm the one supposed to be doing the bodily analysis on it. I don't know if I'm most attracted to the enticing groove, that within seconds of appearing destroys everything in its path by transforming into immortal fury, or the immediate observation that this band just doesn't sound at all like their label mates. But none of that matters. The fact is that I don't see how death metal / grindcore fusion can get any better than this. The most brutal record of 2007? You bet.

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For the fans of: The County Medical Examiners, Leng Tch'e, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death
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Release date 18.06.2007
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