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Pioneer of Nothing EP

Written by: PP on 24/03/2015 01:06:27

Considering how many original emo / revivalist emo bands are out there playing the exact same laid back, chilled out Midwestern emo tunes, it's puzzling to me why it was exactly You Blew It! that burst out of the group that also counts among its ranks Everyone Everywhere, Into It. Over It, Annabel, Dowsing, Dads, Tawny Peaks, History's History, and so many other small bands you'll probably run into at FEST-related events throughout the year. I mean, it's not like they sound any different from the next band, as is also the case on their new three-track EP "Pioneer Of Nothing", yet they are playing Groezrock next year and have a considerable amount of hype attached to their name.

Opener "Lanai" is clearly the strongest song out of the three. It's louder, and features the yearning, nostalgia-driven vocals that are pretty much textbook original emo. Here, twinkly guitar melodies and gracefully placed backing vocals create a dynamic that's at least as good as on the Everyone Everywhere records, probably also on Dowsing and Dads records, to be honest. It's a fairly catchy and definitely emotionally charged track that impresses through its subtle approach to the genre. Again though, nothing we haven't heard a hundred times before, though. "Bedside Manor" follows through on similar dynamics, here the vocals actually straining somewhat for a louder interpretation of the genre, coming almost into a screaming but staying put just at the border. It's surprisingly good at its dynamics though especially after enough repeat listens and starts making a case for why You Blew It! have made it where the others haven't. There's detail, texture, and character in the song that elevates it slightly above the standard fare Midwestern emo track. Still, the final track "Your Side" is almost like a b-side thanks to its nondescript nature. It falls directly into the "too quiet, too boring" category at least for the undersigned, and I can't imagine this song being a fun experience live with people in loud chatter drowning the song's tranquil moments underneath it completely.

So, two out of three tracks are good on the EP. Their previous record received rather considerable amount of hype despite our very own TL deeming it a lackluster effort. These ones may not be enough to justify a rating too high, but they might just be enough to pique your curiosity to go check out their other records.

Download: Lanai, Bedside Manor
For the fans of: Everyone Everywhere, Into It. Over It, Annabel, Dowsing, Dads, Tawny Peaks
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Release date 27.01.2015
Jade Tree

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